How to Add, Remove US Holidays from iPhone Calendar

Many iPhone users are having a problem with their calendar app. That is they are don’t know how…
How to add and remove US holiday in iPhone Calendar

Many iPhone users are having a problem with their calendar app. That is they are don’t know how to add and delete holidays in the calendar app. So, here is the article I will show you how to do that with an easy method. Are you guys ready to learn this? To do that,

Steps to add US holidays in iPhone Calendar.

We are not adding holidays to our calendar regularly. So many calendar feeds are available on the web to populate holidays to iPhone or iPad. On iPhone, we can also install another country holiday list. We also plan jobs for the future using the holiday list.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and select Calendars.
  • Next click on the Account.
  • Then tap on Add Account.

add US holiday in iPhone Calendar list

  • Scroll down and click on Other.
  • Click on the “Add Subscribed Calendar”.
  • Enter in “”.
  • And click “Next” and then click “Save”.
  • On another screen click “Done”.
  • Now you add US Holidays to your Calendar.

To verify whether the calendar is populated with US holidays:

  • Open your Calendar.
  • From the top-right click on the “Calendars”.
  • Now we see a recently added Calendar (US Holidays).

US holiday settings
Delete or remove US calendar from iPhone or iPad:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the Calendars.
  • Click on the Subscribed Calendar listing.
  • Click on the Calendar which you want to delete.
  • Tab on the option “Delete Account”.
  • Now the US Holidays is removed from the iPhone Calendar list.

delete us holidays calendar from iphone ipad4

How to delete Specific religious holidays in the Calendar:

Most people don’t want Specific Religious holidays(Muslim holidays, Christian holidays, etc..) on their Calendar app. For that,

Note: You can’t delete a particular holiday only. You want to delete all Holidays on your Calendar.

  1. Open the Calendar app on your iPhone.
  2. Then tap on the Calendar section at the bottom.
  3. Now select the (i) icon next to the holiday calendar name.
  4. And scroll down and select Delete Calendar.

That it guys. These are the methods to add and remove US holidays in iPhone Calendar. If you have any doubts or suggestions feel free to tell us via the comment section below.

  1. I wish to select the holidays I want – and not the Muslim holidays, as I am a gay and I don't choose to honor homophobic Muslim traditions.

  2. Add my name to the list of people who DO NOT WANT Muslim holidays on my phone!!!? Why on earth would an inhumane "religion" that deprives everyone of their rights be of interest to me? How do I get these holidays off my calendar?

  3. When did Eid al-Adha or Ramadan become us holidays….get it off my frickin calendar. This is simply programmed acceptance!

  4. The directions listed above do not follow the iPhone 7. How do I remove all holidays which are not US holidays. I do not consider newly added muslim holidays and such US Holidays and want them off my phone. How do I do this please? I DO NOT WANT THEM ON MY CALENDARS

  5. Remove all nonAmerican holidays from all phones on my account. I do care about Muslim or any other countries holidays. I am USA all the way. Get it off now. Thank you

  6. I hate having these OTHER holidays on my calendar. I guess I will remove the US holiday calendar and add only the ones that I want. I really hate that Microsoft shoves things down our throat. I feel chained to them since I like the iPhone so much.

  7. Click on the Calendar on the bottom center…..on that screen it will say US holidays, subscribed. Uncheck that box. Muslim holidays go away

  8. So Apple has muslim holidays on the U.S. calendar and not Ash Wednesday? WTF Apple? How can I delete these muslim holidays without deleting the whole U.S. calendar?

  9. Btw, 15th of Sha'baan is not a holiday in Saudi Arabia so please if you can turn that off. However you can keep Eids.
    Thank you.

  10. Apple, I'm frustrated you force me to recognize muslim holidays on the US calendar. Political correctness is out of control … Please let me decide if I want muslim holidays on my calendar!

  11. Does Apple put Christian Holidays on the Islamic Calendar? I do not want Islamic “holy” days on my US Calendar. Those are NOT holidays in the US. Your bias makes me irate. Libnut Apple!

  12. I’m here for the above. I do NOT want Muslim holidays on my calendar. These are NOT US holidays. Please make a way for these to be removed. I find them very offensive to me!

  13. I too am sickened by your putting Muslim holidays on my calendar. As a Jew by birth, Christian by faith and a patriotic American I want to be able to remove them. I’m sure muslims would want certain holidays removed too. Why can’t we have a choice?

  14. It's just gross that I have to see LGBTQ+ holidays on my iPhone. Apple needs to provide a way to remove certain holidays.

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