How to Remove/Uninstall JustCloud from Your Mac Computer

Lot of Mac users faced this problem. JustCloud free trial is expired. But they can’t remove this app from My Applications. When they try to Move JustCloud icon to the Trash, it says “Application is still open”.
Lot of Mac users feels, their Mac system got virus. They can’t block annoying pop-up ads.
So how to completely remove JustCloud from My Applications on Mac? 

  1. Force Quit JustCloud App if its running via Apple menu -> Force Quit.
  2. Find the JustCloud icon in your Mac Applications folder.
  3. Then drag the JustCloud icon to the Trash.

If you can’t move or delete the App icon in Trash?

  1. Download and install Trash it on your Mac computer.
  2. This software will empty your Mac trash.

Note : Don not use AppClener  to uninstall programs. This app is highly unreliable.
If you knew any other solutions to “remove JustCloud from Mac”, inform us using comment form.

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3 responses to How to Remove/Uninstall JustCloud from Your Mac Computer

I discovered JustCloud on my computer this morning after rebooting and getting a pop-up for ZipCloud. I deleted that but learning that it's also called JustCloud I searched for that, and there it was in my Applications folder. I tried to put it in the trash, but it stayed right there and I cannot move it anywhere or get rid of it.
I downloaded TrashIt, and it could not do anything about it either. The file has to be in the trash for that to work, and I cannot get it into the trash or do anything else with it. How do I get rid of this? I never installed it, never even heard of it before this.

You have NOOOO Idea how much I appreciate our guidance on this! I've tried soo many different ways. I was on the verge of resetting my computer completely…however I have so much material on my computer that I would have had HOURS AND WEEKS to retype…but sadly I almost was wiling to do that extra work….. thank you!!!

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