How to install/uninstall a safari extension?

Safari browser is the boon to the Mac users. To get the best experience with Safari there are so many plugins and extensions. Normally you can get more facilities, even you can select your favourite services through the extensions.
There are a huge number of plugins and extensions in the Safari Extensions Gallery.
At times you need a new plugin, but the same extension may annoy you later. Many users complaint that one of the Safari extension always appears at the bottom of URL box. In such situations, you have to delete that extension.
Let’s see how to install and remove the safari extension?
Install Safari Extension
Safari Extensions Gallery
there are plenty of extensions in the Safari extensions gallery, those are inspected, enlisted, and provided by Apple.There you can install the required extensions.
To install a new extension, launch Safari Extensions Gallery, in that select the required one. Then tap ‘Install now’, within this one click you can install the needed extension. After the installation, you can use that functionality.
Remove a Safari Extension

  • Go to Safari Menu -> preferences -> tap on the Extension tab.
  • Select the Extension that you want to remove.
  • Then tap Uninstall button.

From library
Go to ~ -> Library -> Safari, then choose the needed extension to uninstall.remove safari extension
Remove Via McClean

  • This utility helps to clean and manage your Mac perfectly.
  • It also secures your Mac from virus attack.
  • With this, you can able to install and uninstall the extensions from various parts like Spotlight, Safari, login, and so on.
  • Even helps to clear types of junks.
  • So with this utility too, you can remove the unwanted extensions.

Updating extensions

  • Launch Safari extensions gallery.
  • Tap the Extensions, in that select an extension that should be updated.
  • At the bottom left corner, you can witness the Updates option.
  • If that extension has the updated version, click the Update next to that extension.

Note: But you can update only that extension has the updated version.
Or Even the extensions, which have installed from Safari Extensions Gallery will get an update automatically.
If you have other ways let us know through your valuable comments.

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