Remove iPod Touch Broken headphone jack! 3.5mm

One of the newsreaders reported that headphone jack was broken off into two pieces. The problem is the 3.5mm jack sticking out inside the iPod touch.
Try the following suggestions to resolve the broken issue.
Method 1: Use thumbtack
Thumbtack had an end bent like a hook. Pushed the thumbtack into the broken piece of headphone and twisted the thumbtack a couple of times. Pulled the thumbtack out and the broken piece.
Method 2: Use a small wall hook
Use a small wall hook (one that will screw into a wall). Gently twisted the screw a few turns into the broken jack and out it came. ┬áDon’t screw it in for a long time it to work. Use a small screw and screwdriver but I found the hook was easier to manipulate and turn. It took all of about 15 seconds and it was out.
Method 3: Take a paper clip
Took a paper clip and heated the end of it. Put it into the jack and let it melt to the plastic then I pulled it out and bam. Problem solved.

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There is a tool, the GripStick, specifically designed to easily solve this problem without having to disassemble the device, use glue, drilling, or any other unsafe method. It also works for any mobile device, tablet, computer, or any other electronic equipment that has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The GripStick was successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign.

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