How to completely remove Genieo from Mac – Mac Guide

Genieo is a software package or malicious program or virus appeared in people’s Mac. But most of the Mac users not installed this software on their system.
This program is a annoying one. Its change default browser search engine and adds annoying ADs in Safari, Chrome or Firefox.
What is Geneio?
Geneio is a recommendation engine (installed on your local computer and add via browser extension) which add s custom search engine and Advertisements on browser home page.
Its homepage look like Google, Bing, FaceBook or Yahoo. It have a tool bar like or
This Geneio installer available in But this software automatically installed via fake flash ads and unofficial software.
You can’t easily uninstall this program. Geneio affects existing applications.
How to Find / Detect this application installed on your system?

  • available in Application folder.
  • Its files avilable in Macintosh HD -> Library -> LaunchAgents  with “com.genieo…” prefix.
  • A folder named Genieo located in your home folder -> Library -> Application Support folder. Press and hold Option key to get Go menu and choose Library from Go menu.
  • You can’t change default search engine or browser home page.

How to  completely remove or uninstall Genieo App from Mac
Step 1 : Log in your Mac with Administrative account.
Step 2:  Remove the following files from Application folder.

  • Uninstall
  • Uninstall UM

Step 3: Go to the following folders and remove the file beginning with the name “com.genieo…”  and in folder.

  • Macintosh HD -> Library -> LaunchAgents
  • Macintosh HD -> Library -> LaunchDaemons
  • Macintosh HD > Library > PrivelegedHelperTools

Ex : com.genieo.engine.plist
Step 4:  Remove ‘GenieoExtra.framework’ file from  Macintosh HD > Library > Frameworks folder
Step 5: After you removes these files, you need to delete some deeper files like launcher configuration file.

  • In Finder, Navigate to Go Menu -> Go To Folder.
  • In popup filed, Enter  “/etc”
  • Find the file named “launchd.conf” in popup folder and move it to trash.

Step 6: Again in Finder, Navigate to Go Menu -> Go To Folder. This time Enter “/usr/lib” in the popup filed to open hidden files. find and remove only the following files, if present

  • libgenkit.dylib
  • libimckit.dylib
  • libimckitsa.dylib

Step 7: Next you need to remove the modifications made by Genieo to each users’ folder.  Log into each user account separately and made the following changes.

  1. Press and hold Option key and choose “Library” from Finder -> Go menu.
  2. Remove directories named “Genieo” and “com.genieoinnovation.Installer” in Application support folder.
  3. Navigate to “LaunchAgents” folder and remove the file beginning with “com.genieo…” in name.

Step 8:- In Safari browser, go to Safari Preferences -> Extensions section and remove the extensions you did not install. Now go to Program’s preferences -> General section and change default search engine. Other popular browsers have similar settings to remove extensions and change the default search engine. Do the same thing in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
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If you have any other doubts, do let us via comment.

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