Remove/Delete Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus

Suddenly, a dialog box appears on the screen in my MacBook Air. That box is about Advanced Mac Cleaner. It informs me to scan your Mac and save your Macbook errors. I don’t know how to remove errors using Advanced Mac Cleaner. Go through the below steps to remove/delete Advanced Mac Cleaner on Mac.
Step 1: Close Safari browser
Close the Safari browser if already opened. Having any problem in closing, select Force Quit Safari. Otherwise, go to Apple menu and click on ForceQuit.
yosemite apple force quit
Another way to close the browser is to press the Command key, Option and Escape key and after that close Force Quit Applications.
Step 2: Open Activity Monitor

  1. Go to Finder and open Activity Monitor.
  2. At the top of a page, select “i” button.
  3. Then tab on Sample at the bottom.
  4. Repeat this for all the above process and find your infected files and try to delete them.

Step 3: Re-launch Safari browser
Install Safari browser again.
Note: While relaunching, press and hold the Shift key.
It will prevent Safari’s previously opened pages from loading again. At once, Safari gets opened, allow to leave the Shift key. Try to close unwanted pages.
Re-close Safari again.
Step 4: Re-open Safari
Re-open Safari again by holding the Shift button.
Note: Don’t open previously closed pages.
Safari Preferences
Go to Safari menu and select Preferences and then Extensions tab.
If you don’t identify any extensions, just click Uninstall button.
Step 5: Ideas while using browsers
While using all browsers, follow the below instructions,

  1. From the Safari Menu, select Preferences. At once, select Privacy tab.
  2. Select on Remove All Website Data. Go to the Preferences menu and click General tab.
  3. As per your wish, select your Homepage.
  4. Go to the History menu and tap on Clear History.
  5. Switch off your program and disable the process from the Activity Monitor.
  6. Try to delete all the program from login items.
  7. Below given some files and sub-folders try to delete it

~/Library Folder – Advanced Mac Cleaner; hlpramc
~/Library/Logs – Advanced Mac Cleaner.log; helperamc.log
~/Library/Application Support – Advanced Mac Cleaner; amc
~/Library/Caches – com.pcv.hlpramc; com.PCark.Advanced-Mac-Cleaner
~/LIbrary/Saved Application State – com.PCvark.Advanced-Mac-Cleaner.savedState
~/Library/Preferences – com.pcv.hlpramc.plist; com.PCvark.Advanced-MacCleaner.plist
~/Library/LaunchAgents – com.pcv.hlpramc.plist; com.PCvark.Advanced-MacCleaner.plist
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