Fixed: How to remove blue circle on Maps pointing your location

Google maps point your current location with a blue circle. Some people do not want to have the blue circle around their location. You may not click the pin drop either but the blue circle comes around your location. Here given some solutions to get rid of this problem.

Solution 1: Click blue button

  1. Open the Maps app.
  2. Click on the button on the top left corner, if it is in blue.

blue button3. The button turns gray so that the blue circle won’t display on the map.
Solution 2: Un-Tick the maps

  1. Open Security and Privacy in System Preferences.
  2. Select privacy.
  3. On Location Services, select unlock at the bottom of the window.
  4. Un-Tick the maps.
  5. This removes the blue maker from the Map.


  • Toggle the location button twice.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi. This may happen because of improper connection.

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