Remote Desktop for Mac won't connect ? How to fix it

Remote desktop connection onto Windows server won’t connect from MAC but using same credentials same will work from Windows PC.
The following error message will be displayed when trying to connect from MAC.
“Remote Desktop Connection cannot verify the identity of the computer that you want to connect to. Try reconnecting to the Windows-based computer, or contact our administrator”.

Try the below mentioned solutions to resolve the error
Solution 1: Install Microsoft Remote Desktop
Microsoft Remote Desktop is a free app in the app store for OSX and iOS devices and connects flawlessly to PCs from Apple devices. Remove the previous version of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop on Mac and download the latest version from the App Store.
Solution 2: Turn off the Firewall
Turn off the Windows Firewall completely. This works well.
Solution 3: Changing the Security layer
Change the “Security layer” registry on the windows 10 box from “2” to “1”.
Solution 4: Use server’s root certificate
Ask the server administrator for the server’s root certificate.He/She has to export this using the built-in tools.Once exported save it to a memory stick, insert into your Mac, double-click on the .cer file. This will solve the problem.
Solution 5: Install Windows 10 build
Install the latest Windows 10 build. Update Windows 10 for the latest build. Other windows computers can still connect.
Solution 6: Use orange remote desktop app
Install and use orange remote desktop app to fix this issue.

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