How to Reduce Spotify Storage on iPhone

Recently, one of the users installed Spotify on iPhone 7. The iOS app was running fine. Between that, I noticed that the app takes up approx 0.5GB of space on iPhone. Exact storage space of Spotify app is 40MB. Here mentioned some methods to reduce Spotify storage space on iPhone.
About Spotify iOS App
Spotify was created by startup Spotify  AB in Stockholm in Sweden. Spotify was put in motion on 7th October 2008.
Method 1: Delete and Reinstall your Spotify
Delete your Spotify app on iOS and reinstall it on our iOS. Thus this will reduce the storage on your iOS.

  1. Move to iPhone  Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage -> Manage Storage
    (under storage, not icloud ) Choose Spotify ->Delete app.
  2. This will delete all the local data on your iPhone.

Method 2: Delete Your Offline Playlist
offline playlist

  1. We may be a downloaded offline playlist to enjoy music striving them reduces a space on your iPhone.
  2. Move to your offline playlist.
  3. Can you see downloaded? Adjacent to that you can see the green button turn that off.

Method 3: Reduce your Stream Quality
Go to library

  1. Move to Your Library and click gear button at the top right-hand side.
  2. Next move to your Streaming Quality.
  3. Set AUTOMATIC as default. If you want to reduce the storage space on your iPhone we want to set it as NORMAL.

Method 4: Use Power Clean(Free)
As you want to clear cache and junk files on your iOS Power Clean is best.

  1. Move to your App store and find Power Clean or otherwise, click on the link.
  2. Once downloading process gets completed, click on Power Clean app.
  3. Then, press on Clean.
  4. Now, you can view how many junk files that you have cleaned to free up iPhone’s space.
  5. Tap on a clean again.
  6. At present out, it starts cleaning your iPhone.

cleaned space
Method 5: Jailbreak your iPhone

  1. Download the icon tool from Cydia.
  2. Move up to the app icon and then click clear cache.

Note: I am not an authority if anything that happens to our iOS when you do jail breaking.
Another Method:
Use iCleaner to clean your cache. It will reduce your Spotify’s Storage on iPhone.
Method 6: Update your Spotify app
If you update your Spotify app some errors will occur. It also occupies more storage space.

  1. Move to your app store.
  2. Go to updates tab and check if your Spotify app needs to be updated.

Method 7: Update your iOS
It is risky to reduce the storage on a Spotify. By updating the iOS, we can reduce the Spotify storage. Use Power Cleaner to get a small space for an update.
Method 8: Use iFunbox (Free)
By adopting iFunbox we can clear a space on your iPhone that makes your phone faster.

  1. Go to on your PC and then download it.
  2. Use USB cable to connect your iPhone to Computer.
  3. Then, open iFunbox and it should identify your iPhone.
  4. Choose iFunbox Classic and now on the left pane move to Connected Devices.
  5. Now, you see iPhone with name and then click on User Applications.
  6. Open the Caches folder and delete all the files in it.
  7. Go to Cookies folder and delete all the unwanted files by clicking “Delete All” option.

The above steps will help to clean all the folder in iPhone.
Hope, this post will help to reduce Spotify storage space on iPhone.

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