Recover/Restore Deleted iPhone Contacts

Losing iPhone contacts is a really bad thing. You can recover deleted iPhone contacts via 3 easy ways.

  • iCloud – Most preferred method today.
  • iTunes -Old school method.
  • Manual Export – Most secure method to recover iPhone contacts.

#1 Recover deleted iPhone contacts using iTunes backup

You can recover iPhone contacts via iTunes Backup. But you need iTunes backup which is created when last time you plug in the device.

  1. Connect your iPhone to computer (Mac or Windows)
  2. Launch iTunes. Select Devices tab.
  3. Right click your iPhone and select “Restore from Backup”.

restore from backup

But it will remove all old information. So use current iTunes backup or avoid this method.

#2 Restore iPhone contacts from iCloud (without iTunes Backup)

  • Login to using your Apple ID and password.
  • Select on contacts.
  • Search the deleted/lost contact. If it still visible there, you can easily recover that.

On your iPhone,

  1. Go to Settings -> iCloud.
  2. Turn off contacts (If its already turned on). iCloud contacts settings iPhone
  3. If its display a popup message, choose “Keep on My iPhone“. Keep on my iPhone
  4. Now turn on the iPhone contacts again and choose “Merge”. Wait for some time.merge contacts iPhone
  5. After some times later you can see the deleted iPhone contacts.
  6. If the above method does not work, delete your iCloud account (but keep all data). Then re-add your iCloud account by login in with your ID and password.
  7. Merge all data and wait some time. iCloud should merge all contacts and restore deleted one.

#3 Safe way : Take regular manual backup (.vcf file export)

Sync your iphone contact data to iCloud account and take .vcf copy routinely.

Ensure all contact details on iCloud account is up to date.

  1. Go to and log in your account.
  2. Select “Contacts”.
  3. On the bottom left corner, select the settings icon and choose “Export vCard”export contacts from iCloud
  4. Save this .vcf file on your Mac hard drive.
  5. Open this file on your iPhone and get your contacts back.
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Actually, most iPhone users used to connect their iPhone with iTunes to sync media files. When you connect your iPhone to your iTunes, iTunes will automatically backup your iPhone. It is the default settings, so if you do not change the settings of your iTunes, you will definitely get a backup file every time you connect your iPhone with your iTunes. You can easily restore your iPhone with the latest backup file, so you can get most of the contacts and sms back on your iPhone 6.

Great article.
Its really easy if you have google account or outlook contacts on your computer. You can easily recover your contacts with gmail account or outlook contacts. If you do not have them, you can easily recover your deleted contacts with iTunes or iCloud backup files. If you do not have backup files, you can only recover deleted contacts from iPhone directly.

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