Recover Lost Data In Spring Clean Via PhoneRescue On Your iOS Device

Apple products have some bugs, though it’s too cool to use. One of them that there is no inbuilt app for cleanse the apps securely. That’s why we are in need of second party apps to do so. Even we can’t fully rely on Spring Clean to clear our unwanted data. Because that may delete the important data at times. How it could be when you lost your favorite contacts after Spring Cleaning? But don’t worry there are many software to retrieve the deleted or lost data. One of the handy at the same time trustworthy software is PhoneRescue. Let’s see how to recollect your data within seconds by using, PhoneRescue.
About PhoneRescue
PhoneRescue is one of the trustworthy iPhone and iOS data recovery software. With the help of this software, you can get back your lost data easily. You can regain all data including photos, contacts, messages, and anything it could be, that too in easy steps. As in the previous line, you can get back them within the span of time. Also, this will provide the high security. this has the highest ratings in recovering the important data. So you can trust this Phone Rescue to recover the deleted data.

  • The lost data may be damaged or in any condition this PhoneRescue retrieve your deleted data on iPhone within seconds by using its NO-DATA-LOSS technology.
  • Also with the easy preview option, you can witness and choose the required data from messages, contacts and so on.
  • This will help to restore your iOS device completely, so there is no doubt in the performance.

With the first-grade technologies, Phone Rescue ensures the efficient result.  Those technologies are,

  • ForceRestore
  • SmartCompare
  • SharpMatch
  • Thunder-Extraction
  • SecureLOGIN
  • Learn More

How to recover?
In this software, they are offering four different modes to recover the lost data on iPhone and iOS devices.
1.Recover from iOS Device
In this mode, you can get back all the deleted files from your iOS Devices. You can easily recover the files such as Messages, Contacts, Message Attachments, Voicemail, Calendar, Call History, Notes and so on.  Not only personal data, even you can use this to retrieve media data like photos, videos, playlists, thumbnails, Voice Memo and etc.
Also, you can try this to regain App Documents, App Photos, App Audios, App Videos, Line, Line Attachment,  WhatsApp, WhatsApp Attachment and so on.

  • Open PhoneRescue on your computer, then connect it to your iOS Device via USB cable.
  • Then choose ‘Recover from iOS mode’

rescue 1

  • This software automatically finds your device.
  • After identifying your device you can witness an interface in that just tap on the ‘Arrow mark’ button to scan your device.
  • Even you have the facility to preview the scanned data.
  • After this again click on the ‘Arrow mark’ button to check all the all the default categories.

rescue 2

  • Then you need to uncheck all the boxes in order to select the needed files.
  • To recover from particular data, just uncheck ‘Select All’, then choose the required data.
  • Then tap on the same ‘Arrow’ button to witness the interface of analyzing the iOS device.

rescue 3

  • That scanning process will take some time.

Note: You can stop that process at any time, for that just tap on ‘Arrow’ button.

  • After which you can see all existing and deleted data, that are displayed according to the categories.
  • To witness the lost items, choose ‘ the Only list deleted’ by changing it from ‘List all items’.
  • You can use the search box in the upper middle of the window. Enter the keywords to select the required data.
  • Choose the required data, you can derive it either your iOS device or computer, by clicking on the prompted button.

rescue 4

  • After finding the needed data, check the box in front of it, then click the recovery button at the lower right corner of the window.

rescue 5

  • The retrieved item will be saved automatically on yo computer for personal details you can choose your device.
  • After the rescue, you can see the whole page, also tap on ‘Click here’ to know the file location.

rescue 8

  • There are other three modes to retrieve the lost data.  Let’ discuss them.

2. Recover from iTunes Backup
In this mode, PhoneRescue examines the iTunes backup on your computer. This mode will surf your iTunes backup, and you need to undergo the same steps as in the ‘Recover from iOS device’ to recover your deleted data.
3. Recover from iCloud Backup
In this mode, you can recover your lost data and download them from your iCloud backup by detecting your backup. Just follow the same steps, but when you log in your Apple ID you have to turn on ‘TWO-STEP VERIFICATION’ for some time.
iOS Repair Tools
PhoneRescue offers also an iOS Repair Tools mode to repair your iOS devices easily. From this mode, you can rescue your device when it stuck with Apple logo, black screen, white screen, sometimes restarting issues too.  So this is a complete solution for all your iOS issues.
Technical info to know
To run this software on your system that should have some

  • For iOS – iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5
  • Windows OS – Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and both 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • Mac OS  – macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, OS X 10.11, OS 10.10, OS 10.9, OS 10.8
  • CPU –  Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or above
  • RAM: 512MB system memory
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB and above free space

Also, this software is available in various languages such as English Japanese German Spanish French Simplified Chinese Arabic.
How to buy?
Download for free

Price and availability

  • License for 1 computer – $49.99
  • For Family License – $69.99 [for 5 computers]
  • For Business License – From $199 [up to 10 computers]

Note: Also you have a money back option, if don’t have a satisfaction after 2 months you will get back your full amount.

  • Even once in 2 weeks, PhoneRescuse will launch an update to assure its performance.
  • This also available for Androids too.

Wrapping up
From the above discussion, you may decide that this will be suitable for your devices. Even you have a money back option, then what just give a shot to experience the perfect data recovery software. I hope you may not need to choose that money returning option.

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