Fix: Recover iMessage History on iPhone

Is there is any way to recover iMessage history on iPhone? Here given some methods to resolve the issue.
Solution 1: Recover iMessage from iCloud account
recover from iCloud

  1. Connect iPhone to Computer.
  2. Tick the selection of Restore from iCloud Backup.
  3. Sign in your iCloud account.
  4. Locate the latest backup and restore it to your iPhone.
  5. Enter any passwords required during the process.
  6. When the recovery is over, you can check your iMessages on your iPhone.

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Solution 2: Quit the Message App and delete old chats

  1. Open your path of old home folder/Library.
  2. Hold down the Option key and click on Go to Finder.
  3. Locate the following folders in the new Mac.

4. Rename the home folder
~/Library/Message -> ~/Library/Message_old.
5.Search all files in ~/Library/Preferences that contains the string “iChat” or “iMessage”  and cut them into a separate folder.
Copy /Volumes/Old Macbook Pro/users/name/Library/Containers/ to your ~/Library folder.
Copy /Volumes/Old Macbook Pro/Users/name/Library/Message to your ~/Library folder.
6.Restart your Computer.
7.Open Messages and delete old chats.

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