How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone (Quick Tips)

iPhone has a good camera that has high pixel so it is not an wonder that iPhone users love to have many pictures with their loved ones. When we are in need of a deleted picture it is not that easy to recover it from iPhone. But there are many possible ways to recover our valued photos. We would like to discuss such tips with this article.
Solution 1 : Use FoneLab (3rd party best iPhone data recovery)
Best iPhone recovery software to recover deleted photos and files from iPhone. Using Fonelab, you can recover deleted photos with or without iTunes/iCloud backup file.
Method 1 : Recover deleted photos without backup files
first download,install,run an FoneLab software in our computer .Connect your iOS device using USB cable. Now the software will detect and display the menu of iPhone with its version in its main interface.

  • Just click ”scan” to find the deleted photos in iPhone. Next we will get all the deleted data files in the interface where we can go for “photo” section. We use the filter option to show the deleted photos and can also view the photos by double clicking on it before restoring.
  • Now click on ”recover” button to recover deleted photos.We can also restore photos from “Recently Deleted ”Album folder for iOS 8 or later versions.

Method 2: To recover deleted photos from iTunes backup files

  • Open the second option from the installed software “Recover from iTunes backup file”, where we get the iTunes backup files. We can select the recent backup file in it.
  • When “scan” button  option is selected, all iTunes backup data files are listed from which we choose photo section. we get all the photos including existing and deleted. We can select the photos we want back and choose ”Recover” button to restore the photos.

Method 3: To recover deleted photos from iPhone using iCloud backup file

  • The last option in main interface of the software is “Recover from iCloud backup”. We have to login to iCloud account to give permission to access it through the software.The software do not use any   other details other than allowing to access iCloud account.
  • We have list of backup files in the iCloud account displayed after login. We can select  the file of our choice to download and scan for the photos.
  • In the next interface all the files are displayed, where we can select all the photos that we want back and click “recover” button.

Method:4 To recover photos by restore iPhone from iTunes and iCloud backup files
It is actually a special option indeed, when we restore using iTunes, iCloud backup files we may loose the recent photos that is taken after last backup. In such case using software will protect our recent photos from being missed. following are the steps to recover using backup files without lose in recent files.

  • When we connect iPhone with computer iTunes will pop up, where We can select out iPhone in the iTunes interface
  • We can find a section called “backup” where option called “manually backup and restore” is seen.we can select “restore backup”, then iTunes allows us to select the backup files recovering.

Solution 2: Steps to recover deleted photos using iTunes
When we have the practice of updating iPhone with iTunes frequently it is easy for us to get back the deleted photos from the backup that is available in last updated backup of iTunes. Following are the steps to recover deleted photos from the backup files of iTunes.

  • First connect iPhone to computer, next open iTunes.
  • Select view-> show sidebar in iTunes 11
  • Select “Restore from backup” by right clicking on Apple devicerecover-iphone-photos-using-itunes
  • Proceeding with latest backup we can restore photos that we we are in need.
  • Still we have two cases that we should be aware and consider before we go for restoring,one is that we have to make sure all other data backup have been synchronized and have backuped earlier. Secondly, the photos taken after last backup of iTunes are not seen  in backup so those photos have to be managed.

Solution 3: Steps to recover deleted photos using Photo stream/iCloud
Photo stream enabled in iCloud starts from iOS 5 and 6,has a configurable  options that makes it good for backup than sharing. when photostream is enabled in iPhone, all the pictures taken in iPhone are stored in iCloud photo stream directly. Photo stream otherwise act as Online photo repository. To enable photostream for iPhone in iCloud settings -> iCloud -> photos->switch ON ”my photo stream”. Follow the steps to recover deleted photos through photo stream.

  • Start with opening the  photos app
  • Select “albums” from the bottom menu
  • Select “My Photo Stream” album from the following menu.Recover-Deleted-Photos-from-iPhone
  • It is the place where we want to check for photos that we are in need off.

To make these solutions 2 and 3 to be useful, we must backup iPhone regularly to iTunes  at least weekly once and use iCloud enabled with photostream.

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