How to Recover Deleted Messages on Contacts on iPhone

Often we delete our messages and contacts which we consider not used further. There may be a situation where we need them back. We don’t have to worry, there are recovery software for iPhone to bring back deleted messages or contacts. We are here with best options for recovery.
Fix 1: Dr.Fone iPhone data recovery (Best 3rd party solution)drfone recovery 02

  • Dr.Fone iPhone data recovery software available as the best product to recover the deleted data.
  • The features includes recovery of photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs and other data too.
  • The software is compatible with iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6S, Phone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, All models of iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad, iPod Touch 5 and iPod Touch 4.
  • The steps include scan iOS device for recently deleted data, deleted items list with backup option is viewed after a scanning process, which can be retrieved by tapping backup. It is considered as the worlds best third party recovery software for iPhone and iPad.
  • We can also use it for data lost after factory restore, data lost after iOS update, device stuck and not responding, data missing after jailbreak or ROM flashing, device locked or forgot password and unable to synchronise backup.
  • Dr.Fone helps for many common problems like, Deletion, System crash, Forgotten password, Virus, Damage and Stolen.

Fix 2: Use iTunes backup file
Using iTunes backup files, we can recover contact in iPhones (Beware it may wipe out things that came into phone since back the update).

  1. Connect your iPhone to computer (which one you sync it).  Open iTunes app.
  2. Your iPhone will appear. Choose it.
  3.  Now select Restore backup.
  4.  It should take few minutes. All the iPhone data you previously backed up will now replace your iPhone current data.

Fix 3: Restore deleted messages using iCloud
This method sometimes work.

  1. On your web browser, visit Login with your Apple ID and password.
  2. Click the Text Messages option (If can’t find this option, your message not backed up).
  3. If the Text Messages option available there, search the messages to find the one you need.
  4. On your iPhone, visit Settings -> iCloud.  Turn off text messages.
  5. You will get popup message. Choose “Keep on My iPhone”.
  6. Now turn the text messages on.
  7. Press ‘Merge” and wait few minutes. Deleted messages should appear again on your iPhone

Fix 4: Use Spotlight search
We can recover the deleted messages using spotlight search or searching methods used for searching text.
To go for spotlight search follow, Settings -> General-> Spotlight search.
Note : We can also uncheck options that we do not want to be seen in spotlight. But when we use master reset or restore to factory settings from iTunes, we can’t recover messages and contacts.
Fix 5: Use Recovery Programs
Using iPhone contacts recovery software that has simple and fast steps to recover. To directly recover deleted messages from iPhone,

  1. First we should Connect iPhone to computer and run recovery program after installing.
  2. Hold phone and click start button of iPhone. Press hold home and power button for about 10 seconds.
  3. Release power button in 10 sec and home button in 15 sec. Preview and recover iPhone messages. After scan we can choose messages to preview content details and mark wanted. We can use recover to save them.

Among all these fixes using recovery software that help us anytime is better option. The reviews from more than 2000 customers indicate that Dr.Fone app as the wonderful product as a recovery software with its extraordinary customer service.

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