Rebuild or Repair Photos Library on Mac OS X

One of the excellent photo management Software used in Macintosh platform is Photos App.

This app offers excellent usability to any kind of computer user. Rebuild the photo library error occur due to failed launch of the app, missing the thumbnails inside the app, ridiculous error reports etc.

I google it and find some solutions to resolve the issue.

Solution 1: Backup your photos

  1. Before opening the Photos App, repair the photo library.
  2. You can take a backup of all the important data stored on Mac.
  3. Use Time Machine to backup photos.

time machine
Solution 2: Repair Photos Library on Mac from the Photos App

Step 1: Check whether the photos app is running or not by clicking Photos app icon on Dock. If already Photos app is open and running, close the app on your Mac.

Step 2: Once you terminate app install the photos app again by using dock icon and by holding down Option and Command keys on the keyboard at the same time.

Step 3: A window displayed with a message that “You are about to repair the library”. Below the message click the blue Repair button to begin the repair process.
repairing library
Step 4: A dialogue box appear with title repairing library now the entire process gets completed without any external disturbance.

Step 5: The processing time of Mac depends on storage capacity and photos stored on your Macintosh.

Step 6: If your Mac contains multiple photo libraries, for each library you can separately run repair library process.
Reinstalling Mac helps to resolve Repairing library problem.

Solution 3: Repair Photos Library in Photos App for Mac OS X

Before going to repair the photo library use backup method to restore the photos.

Step 1: Close the Photos app on the Mac.

Step 2: Reinstall the photo app by holding Command +Option keys. This app displays Repair Library message “You are about to repair the library “Library name”.
Step 3: Choose “Repair” Option to start library repair Process.

Step 4: Now the entire process gets completed.

repair library process
You can also watch the “Repairing Library” status bar. This status bar will indicate the speed, size of repairing library process.

Solution 4: Photos for Mac: Repair your library

If you face any issues with photos in a library try to repair it. Still, the issue continues use time Machine backup to restore your library.

How to backup your photo library before repairing your library

Step 1: If photos are already open select Photos > Quit Photos.

Step 2: Press and hold option and command key from the application folder and double-click the Photos icon. Now, Repair Library window opens.

Step 3: click Repair to rebuild photo library.

If you knew any other solutions about how to “Rebuild or Repair Photos Library on Mac OS X”, inform us using comment.

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