11 Best Radio Apps for iPhone and iPad

Though we have million songs in our iPhone and iPod, sometimes we feel bored to listen to all…

Though we have million songs in our iPhone and iPod, sometimes we feel bored to listen to all these songs. Our mind asks something new not these old stored songs. So the correct answer for our need will be “Radio App”.

There are lots and lots of radio app available in the app store. And we will be confused to select the good apps. Because in app store we have both paid and non-paid apps. In this post i will try to clear the confusion and i will try to suggest good radio apps to entertain you.

Free Non-Paid apps:-

At first let us take a look at free i.e non paid  radio apps. They are cool to use too…

1.Pandora Radio App

Guys if you wish to use very cool and free app, you can choose Pandora app.

Pandora Radio App

  •         You have to download this app and create an account.
  •         You must be at least 13 to use this app.
  •         Free registration and you have to give details like name, gender, zipcode and password.
  •         It is a cloud based music service.
  •         All you need to do is just enter musician name and listen to their song.
  •         It is extremely easy to use because of its good interface style.

2. iHeart Radio App
iHeart Radio App
It is also free and one of the easy app to use. It has the following features. Check it out guys.

  •         It is free radio app for iOS
  •         It has lots and lots of customizable features
  •         It suits best for Live internet radio lovers
  •         It will be perfect to use at driving, working out etc.

3. myTuner Radio App

This app well suits for radio lovers till now. Because we don’t have huge radio app collection in iOS but that problem is solved by this app.

myTuner Radio App

  •         It provides nearly 25000-30000 radio channels
  •         It has very handy customizing featurs
  •         You can add your favourite song by album and artist name.
  •         It has inbuilt 100 tracks.

4. Slacker Radio App

This app is good challenge for the popular radio apps because it has huge collection of streaming music.

slacker radio app

  •         Big advantage of this app is it is handcrafted radio from music experts.
  •         It has nearly 50-100 handcrafted  that matches our taste and need.
  •         But it is available only for iOS 7 for iPhone.
  •         It has customizable sports news, talk, weather from ABC , ESPN and Weather channel.

5. TuneIn Radio App
TuneIn Radio app

  •         It has nearly 100,000 stations.
  •         And nearly 2 million podcasts
  •         It has very good interface when compared to all the radio apps
  •         It is integrated with www.TuneIn.com
  •         It has best customizing features.

7. Jango Radio mobile

If you need an app which is audio- ad-free you can choose this app.
Jango Radio mobile

  •         It has huge amount of music collections.
  •         It has auto-suggested stations.
  •         You can fine tune your stations and albums by their names.
  •         It has expertly curated stations with hits of decades.

8. 8Tracks Radio app

If you are looking for very crazy music discovery you can try this app…
8Tracks Radio app

  •         It contains no audio-ads
  •         It has no listening limits.
  •         It has less repetition and good music selection.

Though you can use free apps. But the paid apps will give you new experience than the other. Now take a look at paid radio apps.

Paid apps:-

1.Spotify app

It gives tuff play to other  apps because it is still in the top apps list.

It is available in both paid and non-paid form.
Spotify radio app

  •         It is made of clear cut design and looks too fresh.
  •         It has good collection of community driven playlists
  •         It has good interface design
  •         It gives you live radio stations when you have premium account.
  •         It has good features and support.

2. TuneIn Radio Pro ($9.99)

If you wish to record what you listen that is possible hear.
TuneIn Radio Pro

  •         It is an online live radio app.
  •         It provides you several live radio stations.
  •         It plays song through digitally Imported radio system.

3. Jungle Party ($29.99)
Jungle Party app

  •         Thousands of DJ mix will be in your hand.
  •         You can vote and make comment on it.
  •         You can connect your own iPhone and iPod anywhere to this app.
  •         You can add your own DJ mixes and albums.
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