How to quit/remove MegaBackup malware. Won't uninstall?

One of the Mac users installed updates and accidentally installed some Malware. User removed everything except “MegaBackup”. They tried to move it to trash but it says “cannot be deleted because MegaBackup is running”.  In this article, we give information about how to remove MegaBackup.
How to remove MegaBackup manually for Mac
Below listed some steps for the removal of this application manually.

  • Go to the Utilities folders.


  • Open the Activity Monitor by double clicking on it.
  • Select the MegaBackup from the Activity Monitor and tap on Quit process.
  • Now dialog box appears on the screen. If you want to close the MegaBackup click on the Force Quit option.
  • Select the Go button and in that select Applications. Note the MegaBackup entry on the interface, right-click on it and select Move to Trash. At that time it asks user password, enter it.
  • Move to Apple Menu and choose the System Preferences option.

system preferences

  • Choose the Accounts tab and click the Login Items button. A list of items will be displayed in that identify Mega-Backup there and select the “-” button.

Hope, this post will help to remove MegaBackup malware.

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