Quicktime Won’t Save Screen Recording/Can’t Save on Mac After Update

Quicktime is very useful for screen recording to record iPhone, iPad, and Mac. using QuickTime, we can create new movie recording, audio recording, and screen recording. But recent days mac users have faced an issue on Quicktime those are Quicktime won’t save screen recording. Quicktime can’t open when saving, Quicktime crashes when recording, Quicktime screen recording freeze. Here I am going to tell you some solution to fix those problems. If you have this problem, read this article to solve your problem.
These problems mostly occur when we are using QuickTime:

  1. Cannot Record. Try recording again

When you are pressing “Stop Screen Recording”, Quicktime shows this error “Cannot Record. Try recording again”.
This error comes when you are recording screen video using external audio.

  1. First, you have to change the sound input to the internal microphone.
  2. If QuickTime doesn’t work with your current microphone, you can change another one.

2. QuickTime Player Quit Unexpectedly
Sometimes, this error “QuickTime Player Quit Unexpectedly” occurs while you are recording screen.
This error occurs when you don’t have sufficient storage in your Mac’s hard drive. But if you have more space, then repairing the disk permissions.

  1. Open Disk Utility
  2. Choose your Hard Drive and click repair -> Repair Disk Permissions.

3. Screen Recording is Stuck when completing
After you hit the stop recording, QuickTime stuck at finishing recording and won’t complete.
If your mac is totally stuck and you can’t unable to access Quick Time, then do this.

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. Type this command top -u and click enter.
  3. Next, find the process ID [PID] of the QuickTime and note that ID.
  4. Type in sudo kill [PID] and click enter to quit QuickTime player.

If you want your recorded video, you may find the video here.
$HOME/Library/Containers/com.apple.QuickTimePlayerX/Data/Library/AutoSave information/Unsaved QuickTime Player Document.qtpxcomposition/Screen\Recording.mov
4. QuickTime won’t Recognizing your iPhone or iPad
If you are using iPhone or iPad for screen recording, but QuickTime can’t recognize it. Your iPhone or iPad is connected but it does not show up in QuickTime. It shows FaceTime camera and you can’t select the iPhone or iPad as a camera.
If you are using a 30 -pin USB cable to connect iPhone or iPad to the Mac, switch it to lightning cable. Mac will recognize your device when you use lightning cable.
If you are using some applications like Micro Snitch, you just quit the app.
Then update your Mac to the latest version.
5. Screen Recording Freezes
While you are taking a video, the app will freeze suddenly.
If this problem occurs, force close the app and restart your Mac.
6. Operation Could Not be Completed when Movie Recording in QuickTime
When you are starting a new movie recording, then pop-up says this error “the operation could not be completed”.

  • To solve this problem, Restart your device.
  • Take a backup and reset your device.
  • Update the software.

Hope this article solves your problem. If you have any doubt or idea regarding this article, tell us through your comments.

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