Fixed : PS4 won’t turn on but produces beep sound

PS4 wont turn on but make beep sound

Recently I bought a new PS4. It works fine for two weeks but Suddenly, my PS4 controller won’t turn on. Click on the start button and produces sound at one time and turns it off immediately. It makes me annoying. After that I found some solutions to fix this issue. This works me fine. If you are the facing same problem then try the below solutions to resolve the issue.

Solution 1: Unplug and Plug the Power cord

Take away the PS4 controller and disconnect the power cord. Wait for 30 seconds and connect it back in and switch it back on. Repeat this until the PS4 controller turns on.

Note: Disconnect it, by holding down the Power button for 30 seconds and then connect it back in.

Solution 2: Remove the dust

Disconnect the system and remove the top plate first and remove the dust-out. It should work.

Solution 3: Make some Proper Ventilation for PS4 

Sometimes if your PS4 is overheated and lacks sufficient Airflow. It may reason for the won’t turn on your PS4 and it keeps making a beep sound. So keep your PS4 in a ventilated area.

Solution 4: Take your PS4 to Repair

If you still face this problem, then go to your SONY repair shop nearby you. If it is any hardware-related issue, they may have to fix this problem.

I hope, this post helps to turn on the PS4 controller back on without producing noise. If you know any other way to fix this issue, then let me know through the comments section below. Thank you.

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