Fixed: PS4 Controller Water Damage

One of the users put her PS4 Controller at the top of the dishes in a sink. Take it out and dried sufficiently. Connect back to HDMI charging cord. Wait for a few seconds but no light shows residual charge. When the user turn on the console PS button won’t respond. Here are some solutions to save your controller.
Solution 1: Use isopropyl alcohol and a small brushfirst-img

  1. Remove your PS4 Controller battery.
  2. Disassemble every part of the controller and use isopropyl alcohol and a small brush to clean every part of the controller.
  3. Check for burned out or missing components.

Solution 2: Unplug the light and batteryunplug-light
I threw my controller in the bucket. Two days I let the controller for dry. After that, I connect it but red light came on for one second and then turned off. Take a light and battery out of the controller. Put a blow dryer on it. After 10 mins, insert the battery and light again. And it worked.
Solution 3: Take the controller to an electrician
Take it to an electrician who can clean. Dry it properly and the controller needs welding means do it. If the internal battery gets damaged inside the controller replace it.
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