How to Fix PS3 Controller Not Working

Suddenly PS3 Controller had stopped working. Now, it has no power to turn on. When I plugged in, it won’t charge properly. Reset button didn’t resolve the issue. Here given some solutions for PS3 Controller not working
Solution 1: Reset the Controllerreset-img

At the back side of the controller, there is a pinhole. Use a paperclip and press the button with it.
This will fix the problem.
Note: One of the users have the same problem. He replaces and put a new battery in the first controller but nothing works. Insert a battery in the second controller and it works.
Solution 2: Insert and remove USB cablesinsert-img

  1. Get the same USB type cables with data support so only PS3 controller detects laptop/PC.
  2. Insert the USB cables into PC at the time light starts blinking in the controller.
  3. Place and remove USB cable two or three times until your PS3 Controller starts working.

Solution 3: Use Extra batteries
Use extra batteries from an old PS3 Controller and it worked.
Solution 4: If the device is not under warrantywarranty-img

  1. Take out the battery from the case.
  2. Plugged in back again.

Solution 5: Hold PS buttonps-img

  1. Switch off the PS3 Controller and connect to the USB cable.
  2. Turn back it on.
  3. Connect the PS3 Controller into cord by holding the PS button.
  4. Press on-off button to turn off.
  5. Now, hold down the PS button to turn it back on.

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