How to make private calls on iPhone

Whether you are calling related to business from your landline or phone a person keep that number as private.
Key Points:
1.Use a caller ID. First, enter the code, then dial the number.
2.Contact your carrier and ask them about permanent Caller ID blocking.
3.iPhones, Androids, and Windows having the device setting option. You can hide your phone number through device settings.
The following methods will teach how to make private calls on iPhone.
Method 1: Use your Phone’s Settings
caller id
When I call to another number it shall display the private number on another phone.
For that, do the following:
1.Go to Settings ->Phone.
2.In the phone, there is option Show My Caller ID.
3.Now turn Off your carrier. This setting will support to appear private number on another phone.
Method 2: Use a Blocking code before Dialling
Step 1: Open your phone app
You can hide your phone number from one person calling them.
Step 2: Type *67
The North American provider can work with this code. Following are the other blocking codes:
*67 – United States, Canada, New Zealand.
133 – Hong Kong.
*43 – Israel.
184 – Japan.
0197 – New Zealand. If your phone is on a GSM network, you can dial #31# to block your caller ID.
Step 3: Type the rest of the number
Reset of the number will be in 10 digits.
Step 4: Make your call
If you are dialling 911 or an 800 number, your call recipient will not be able to see your phone number.
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Method 3: Contact your carrier
If you want to block your phone calls contact your carrier and set up permanent Caller ID blocking. The terms used in this carrier can vary.
Most pre-paid plans cannot enable permanent Caller ID blocking.
Before using the blocking prefix, users need to enable Caller ID.

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