How to Turn on Private Browsing option in iOS 8

In iOS 7, private browsing option available after user hit the search bar. But in iOS 8, it little bit different.

In iOS 8 (iPhone or iPad), you can quickly toggle Private browsing option from tab management button.

If you want to activate it,

  • Go to Safari and press the tab button on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Now you can see a list of all open Safari tabs.
  • Find the Private button on the lower left of the screen.
  • Tab the Private button to activate private browsing feature.

private browsing iOS 8

If you are using iOS 7, safari will ask you like “are you want to keep current tab active or if you want to close them”. But in iOS 8, safari opens a clean slate of tabs for your private browsing. And its also maintains tab list between non-private and private browsing mode. So you can easily switch between these set of tabs without losing any of them by toggle the private feature mentioned above.

If you want to exit private browsing mode, tab the tab button again and deselect private option.

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