How o Print a Large Image On Multiple Pages Mac?

While using Mac I have a doubt on how to print a large image on multiple pages. Many Mac users also have the same doubt. So I discussed with one of my friends how to print a large image. We both find steps to do it. Finally, we found so now I’m gonna share the steps with you.  Hope it will useful for you.
Method 1: Resize the Image

  1. Open the document.
  2. Tap “Print” and select the page.
  3. Under Page Sizing & Handling, you have 4 categories like Size, Poster, Multiple, and Booklet.
  4. Click Poster Button for resize the images.
  5. By using Cut Marks you can trim your images.
  6. After trimming the image, you can print large images.

Method 2 Using Safari

  1. Launch Safari, select the image you wanna print.
  2. Click File> Print.
  3. Change the scale percentage(%), by this method image size get reduce.
  4. After resizing the image, click Print.

Method 3:Using Rasterbator App

  1. Go to Rasterbator app It is one of the popular websites.
  2. Tap Create your poster.
  3. Click Source images, there will be two ways to select the image.
  4. If your image is on computer, then click Browse. Choose the image then click “open” and click “Upload”.
  5. If your image is in online, then copy the URL link and then paste it under Load for URL. Now click “Load”.
  6. Click your Paper settings under drop down menu. Set your Paper settings to A5(5.8 *8.3) or US Letter(8.5*11) for getting clear images.
  7. Click Portrait mode to view image in tall size.
  8. Click Landscape mode to view image in Wide format.
  9. Margins are essential and its default margin size is 10mm. It help to cut-off the image and also trim the images.
  10. Overlap which is used for collage the images. Here you can set the Overlap pages by 5mm this is for clear images.
  11. Then set “Output size” first set the number of sheets.
  12. Next set “wide or high”.
  13. Tap continue.
  14. Then set style. There are three styles followed like Rasterbation, Black and White, No Effect.
  15. Rasterbation and Black and White style to add an effect to your post. Again click continue.
  16. If you select any style then set Color. Here there are two categories like Raster color or Background color. Then press continue.
  17. Finally click “Complete X pages Poster!”. Here X means the number of pages you wanna print.
  18. Download the PDF.  Click OK and Save to download the image.

Printing the Image:

  1. Adobe X Reader is best to use.
  2. Launch PDF.
  3. Click File> Print or command+shift+3.
  4. Select the nearby printer.
  5. Set pages under Pages to Print.
  6. Under Page Sizing & Handling, choose Size tap and select the combobox next to “Fit”.
  7. Under Orientation, select ”Auto portrait/Landscape”.
  8. Now select Layout from the drop-down menu at the center of the printer screen. Set None for two sided pages.
  9. Arrange the pages you wish to print.
  10. Finally click print.

Another method: By Using Excel Sheet

  1. Launch Excel.
  2. Click File> Open> Print.
  3. Choose the image and then insert the picture in the excel sheet.
  4. Adjust the picture size in column.
  5. Finally click print to print the page.

Hope the above solutions will be useful for you. If you have any doubt regarding this article, please share us via comments. Thank You…

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