How to print black and white on Mac

One of the user wants to print a document in black and white colors from Preview. But there are no options to simply print in black and white. I googled it and find out some methods to resolve the issue.
Method 1: (Suggested by Christopher Davis2)
For Epson Workforce 625 printer go to Preview drop down menu and view what are the options available in it.
In that choose an option “Print Settings” and select color to print a document in black or white.
Note: Later selecting print, tab on Paper type/Quality tab, and then choose Colour and select grayscale.
Method  2: For Canon printers
Steps to print a document in black and white

  1. Tab on the Preview option and choose Quality & Media from the drop-down menu.
  2. You will find the Grayscale Printing option from the Quality & Media page.

paper quality
This option will help to print the document in black and white.
Method 3: Choose color inkjet printer
This printer allows you to add Color options to the drop down menu. Select an Export option and then save your paper either in black or white.
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Method 4: Simple way to print a document in a color

  1. To print your document press Command+P key.
  2. Go to PDF menu and choose “Open PDF in Preview”.
  3. From the File menu select “Export”.
  4. Check whether the output format is in PDF.
  5. Select either “Gray Tone” (for grayscale) or “Black & White” from the Quartz Filter menu.
  6. Save your document in Desktop.

Note: Purchase a better paper to print good quality text documents.
Hope, this post will help to print a document in black and white.

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