Prank GPS location on iPhone [Non-jailbreak]

Nowadays GPS location sharing is useful to track our present location to our friends, family or someone. Although, we used to make prank with our friends or someone at sometimes by sharing the fake location. It’s simple and makes easier to change our current to the location to somewhere else by using GPS Spoofer app. Here we go with some simple steps to follow to change our fake location sharing.
(Many Apps are used to change our current location on iPhone app store like Fake GPS Location, VPN, Spoofer Go, Find Location,..)

  • Go to iTunes or App Store -> Download and Install Change fake location app.
  • Open the Setting option-> Privacy-> Location services.
  • Enable the Fake position app button.
  • Open the Change fake location app.
  • Double-tap on the map and Choose the location where you want to be. (For example London, Canada,….)
  • Select the Share option and choose to whom you want to share the location.

By sharing the fake location is like making fool our friends, relatives or somebody on the iPhone. You can change your default location that they couldn’t track you by using the app at some specific period of time. You can share your fake location to n-number of persons. Also, the app has special features that you can save the location and use it for later.

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