Powerbeats 3 Won't Charge? Here's the fix

Recently, I got a pair of Powerbeats 3. It has worked fine for 1 month but now they are not charging. Whenever I try to connect my Powerbeats to a power source, it is blinking with red and white light. I was a bit confused about this issue. Then what I did is… have shared this issue with my friend Ferrick and he gave me some tricks to fix it. I am sharing those tricks with you so that you can also fix if the same issue persists.
powerbeats 3
Fix 1: Restart your Powerbeats

  1. Press and hold the Power Button for a second to turn off your power.
  2. Wait for few seconds and then turn it on by pressing the Power Button.

Fix 2: Reset your Powerbeats

  1. First, hold down the Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously until the LED indicator light flashes.
  2. Then release the buttons simultaneously to reset your earphones.

Fix 3: Check for Updates

  1. Download the beats updater on Mac/Windows.
  2. Launch the updater on PC/Computer.
  3. Turn on powerbeats.
  4. Connect your powerbeats earphones to PC/Computer using the micro USB cable.
  5. Tap powerbeats status icon in the menu bar.
  6. Tap the name of your powerbeats and it will lead you to the beats updater website.
  7. Click “Update” and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: To update powerbeats firmware, you should have at least 20% battery.
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Fix 4: Don’t charge your powerbeats (one of the users suggested this one)

  1. Don’t charge your powerbeats until it completely dies (switched off).
  2. They connect it to a power source.

Check whether it works. If it doesn’t work, you can just try this:
Don’t charge your powerbeats for 2 weeks or a month. After 1 month connect your powerbeats into a power source and then give a try.
Fix 6: Battery replacement
Sometimes, the issue may happen because of a poor battery. Replacing the battery of your powerbeats may fix this issue.
Fix 7: Contact Apple Support
Check whether your device is under any warranty status. If yes then contact Apple Store for further help to repair or replacement.
Fix 8: Remove the battery (One of the users suggested this one)
Remove the battery from your powerbeats and then put it back after 2 days.
Other Solutions:

  • Plug your Powerbeats into a power source and leave it for two full days (One of the users suggested this one)
  • Make sure that you are using the cord that came with your Beats
  • Make sure that the audio source on your Powerbeats is working properly. If not try alternate Cable
  • Make sure that your Powerbeats plug is securely connected and that the socket is clean and clear
  • Make sure that your Powerbeats 3 is not damaged due to the cause of sweat

Hope any one of the above fixes will be helpful to you. If you find this article as useful or if you know any other solution to fix this issue then kindly share your experience with me through your comments below. Thank You…

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