Fix: Photos and Videos are not loading on iPhone

I kept a large number of pictures and videos on my iPhone. But a loading problem occurs when I click the photos and videos. Here I gave some solution to resolve this issue.
Solution 1: Optimize iPhone Storage
The problem occurs due to the storage optimize settings. Use WiFi or cellular data to load full resolution photos and videos.
How to change storage optimize settings
Go to Settings>Photos and Camera and choose ‘Download and keep Originals’ rather than ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’.
On clicking  “Optimise my iPhone Storage” the following thing will happen

  1. All your photos start uploading to your iCloud.
  2. You can see all of the thumbnails of your photos in camera roll.
  3. You can also access the photos from the third party app.
  4. To clear up the lots of memory storage go to Settings –> Photos -> disable optimize iPhone storage.
  5. Now all of the photos in the iCloud starts downloading or directly go to iCloud and save your photos to PC.

Solution 2: Login to the iCloud
Login to the iCloud via the web browser to verify that the pictures are indeed displaying via your iCloud photo library. From there you can download pictures to the computer. If the pictures are not having there the error will occur. You need an internet connection to access the original photos from iCloud.
Solution 3: Use loader
Use the loader to load the photos for a few seconds to a minute. Video will starts automatically after loading.
Solution 4: Use iCloud Photo Library
The photos and videos are not loaded on the iPhone because the image quality of photos and videos on photo application are blurry. If you start to load photos and videos check whether you have good internet connection and also close all application and restart your iPhone. Once you have done this test the clarity of photos and videos. Use iCloud Photo library and within few minutes you load photos and videos.
If still the issue persists, the next step you would see if your optimized storage device allows for a lower image resolution to save space.
How to save space on my device using iCloud Photo Library
iCloud Photo Library automatically keeps all photos and videos in original with high resolution.

  • Go to the Settings –> iCloud -> Photo or  Settings -> Photo & Camera, then select the storage settings.
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