Phone battery getting stuck at 100%? Here's how to fix it

 Recently, one of the users got an iPhone6 and charged it only 5 times. At the last two time, the battery percentage stuck at 100%. I drained the battery completely and charged it, but the issue continues.
Below given solutions may help you resolve your problem.
Solution 1: Replace the battery
remove iPhone battery
A broken battery can also be a reason, for the battery getting stuck. So, replacing the new battery resolves the issue.
Solution 2:  Reboot your iPhone

  1. Press and Hold the power button
  2. Drag the slider to turn off
  3. Hold the power button to start

Solution 3: Reset the phone

  1. Press and Hold the sleep/wake button for a long time
  2. Apple logo appears on the screen when the phone is reset.

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Solution 4: Reset the factory settings

  1. Launch Settings > General > Reset
  2. Click “Erase all contents and Settings”

Erase all content and settings
Solution 5: Set Date and Time automatically on

  1. Turn on your iPhone’s data and Wifi
  2. Open Settings > General > Date and time
  3. Turn off the “set automatically” option and turn on again.
  4. Restart your iPhone.

Set automatically on
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