How to Permanently Delete Contacts from iPhone

When users try to delete their iPhone contacts via Contact -> Edit -> Delete, it takes the contact from the mail contact list.
But every time when users begin to type in a name to start a text message which start with deleted contact person first letter, their whole contact shows up.
This issue happened because of the iMessage cache.
So how to completely delete iPhone contact/phone number?

  1. First delete contact from your iPhone contacts list using Contact -> Edit -> Delete.
  2. Go to iMessage and compose new message.
  3. Type the deleted contacts name in iMessage.
  4. Tap the information icon (i) to the side.
  5. From the recent option, click the remove.

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4 responses to How to Permanently Delete Contacts from iPhone

I did all the steps above but there is no "remove" option. Is there another way or a reason why this is happening? The number is deleted from my contacts and I was able to "remove" the group messages I had with this person.

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