How to Password Protect a Files & Folders on MacOS

How to Protect files or Folders on MacOS

Everyone assigns the password for all files or folders on their device. In all files contain important content such as Commercial info or Personal info which you don't intend for others to see. There are lots of reasons you might put them in password protect folders. Right here, you can see some steps to protect the files and folders password on Mac. In this article, I gonna share with you how to encrypt passwords protect files/folders on Mac. Come, let's get started.

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How to Password Protect a Files & Folders on Mac

Follow the simple steps to protect your files and folders on Mac.

  1. On your Mac, Open Disk Utility using Spotlight Search (or) Open Application -> Utilities -> Disk utilities.
  2. Now, Choose File -> New image.
  3. In that, Select Image from Folder option.

Select image from folder option on Mac

4. Now, Select the File or Folder that you want to Protect the password.

5. Then, Click on the “Choose” option from the window.

Select the Files/Folders to protect from the password
6.  Now, on the Encryption option, choose the “128-bit AES encryption (recommended)” option.
7.  Next, set the Password to Protect the file or folder and click on the “Choose” option.
Set the password to Encryption
8. Then, on the Image Format option, choose the “read/write” option and click on the “Save” option.
Choose the read/write option on image format

9. Now, it will process to create an encrypted disk image.
Create a encrypted disk image
10. The DMG file is a copy of your original folder's content and it is not encrypted. This disk image is protected by a password. If you want to access the folder, just enter the password to open it.
11.  Open the disk image folder, once you are sure everything worked smoothly then you can delete the unencrypted folder and keep the encrypted DMG image file behind. That's it.

Guys, I hope you learned about password protection for files and folders on Mac. And if you know any other tricks to protect the files and folders password, feel free to share with us in the comment box. Thank you for reading this article.

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