How to Pair JBL Flip Speaker to MacBook Pro

Learn how to pair JBL Flip bluetooth speaker to your MacBook Pro, iMac or Mac Mini.
jbl flip speaker

  1. Turn on JBL Flip (Press and hold the power button). Power button should light up blue.
  2. On MacBook Pro, choose “Set up Bluetooth Device” from the Menu bar -> Bluetooth drop down menu. Your MacBook Pro or macBook Air should start browsing for devices.
  3. Press and Hold the power button on the Flip speaker until it begins alternating back and forth from blue to red.
  4. Now your Macbook Pro should discover the Flip speaker and automagically pair with it.  You didn’t need to enter any passcode like “0000” to pair.
  5. Now your Flip speaker should listed under Devices in Bluetooth drop down menu.
  6. Now navigate to the Flip in the menu and choose “Use as Audio Device”
  7. Finally your Flip wireless or Bluetooth speaker should start playing music via the Flip.
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10 responses to How to Pair JBL Flip Speaker to MacBook Pro

I've just purchased a bluetooth JBL Charge 3 to replace my JBL Pulse,
but it doesn't appear in Bluetooth preferences of my Macbook pro (Maverick),
neither on Mac mini (El Capitan) although the Pulse was recognized automatically by both.
Seeking on the web for drivers, I saw I am not the only one to have this trouble,
but found no answer.
As I don't have any recent smart phone, could you please confirm how can I connect
CHARGE 3 to my Macbook pro, and if is it possible or not.
Looking forward to reading from your customer services,
or to tell me if I have to go back to my shop to change for another product.
Best regards.

I had to turn off then turn on the speaker. Then hold down the phone and plus volume sign until the JBL speaker turned off. I then turned it on again and it paired up with my computer, a blue light flashing on the "power on" button site not he speaker. JBL Flip 3 paired on my MacAir at this point.

Thank you very much! You are my hero! It worked properly. I was looking for the right solution for such a long time and it is so easy:-)

THANK YOU!! this is finally a useful answer..I tried all the other things but didn't work, but your steps did work and I am paired now!

Thanks, Sam! I thought my mac's bluetooth was shot for at least a year and then it paired with a Redfox headset last night. I had given up on pairing my JBL. So appreciate the fix. I am tired of using my phone for my Spotify acct. I am hoping to enjoy my Spotify on the full screen & clean up my playlist and not be interrupted by my phone!
Keep on sharing your wisdom!

My JBL flip has stopped "connecting" with my MacBookPro. It pairs with my iPhone, but just searches for the device when I try to pair with my laptop. I have updated all software. Any ideas how to troubleshoot?

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