Pair Kensington Bluetooth keyboard to iPad Air, Pro

When i was doing my project i have to connect my Kensington Bluetooth keyboard to my newly bought iPad. A message box popped up but before i enter the code to pair, it shown an error. It said ‘Pairing Unsuccessful’. Everything i have tried all in vain.
Solution 1: Via Manual
passcode generate

  1. Find the Manual in the Kensington manual.
  2. A double en route will appear.
  3. Press it some while.
  4. iPad will instruct the code.
  5. Enter the code.
  6. Click Enter.

Solution 2: To any version of iPad
To join the Kensington Bluetooth keyboard with any version of iPad

  1. First turn on both iPad and Kensington Keyboard.
  2. Select Setting in Apple home page.
  3. Click Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth slide bar on.
  4. It helps iPad to find the Kensington keyboard.
  5. In the top right of the Kensington keyboard click “Connect”.
  6. Bluetooth pairing request box will pop up to enter the unique code on the keyboard.
  7. By using the Kensington Bluetooth keyboard just type that 4 digit code.
  8. Select ‘Enter’ in the keyboard.
  9. You can witness ‘Connected’ to iPad by the Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

Solution 3: When eKit a problem
Sometimes it won’t work when you are try to connect Bluetooth keyboard along with folio case from eKit. At times it happens because the eKit keyboard having the common Bluetooth keyboard name for itself

  1. Click the blue colored arrow in the right side of the existent entry to open ‘Bluetooth Keyboard’ name.
  2. Select ‘Forget This Device’.
  3. Tap OK to be forget it.
  4. Turn off Bluetooth in iPad.
  5. Turn it on back.
  6. Also power off and on back the keyboard.
  7. It will show Bluetooth keyboard and Not Paired.
  8. Then it will connect with iPad.

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Solution 4: To know
You can repair this problem via Third-Party Bluetooth accessories and via Bluetooth connections.
Hope, this post will help to pair Kensington Bluetooth keyboard to iPad Air.

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