Fixed:Outlook for Mac keeps asking for password on exchange

I have experienced a problem of asking password for every 5 minutes while I am working in an outlook for Mac. I googled it and find some solutions to resolve the problem.
Solution 1: Inserting backslash before domain

  1. Simply add “\” before your username.( Username: \domain\username)
  2. Type your old password and save it.
  3. Confirm that you have saved to your keychain and it works.

Solution 2: Deleting the entry

  1.   Start -> Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain access
  2.   Find for your entry in keychain and delete it, and recreate

Note: It also helps to run Keychain First Aid command from within the application to correct any other issue related to your Keychain.
Solution 3: Create a new account

  1. Make sure that you are updated to latest version.( Outlook > Help > Check for latest updates )
  2. Remove your account from the outlook that has a trouble. ( Outlook > Tools >Accounts > Minus sign(-) at lower left )
  3. From Apple’s keychain, delete the history of passwords. ( Finder >  Applications > Utilities > Keychain access – and find for entries with “exchange” and remove.)
  4. Create a new account.( Outlook > Tools > Accounts >  + sign at lower left )

Key chain access
Solution 4: Create a new password

  1. Open online portal for exchange.
  2. Create a new password by selecting gear symbol at the upper right corner >Office 365 settings > Password
  3.  Enter the password for the account. ( Outlook > Tools > Accounts –  affected account.)
  4. Type the wrong password and close the account.
  5. Open Outlook and wait until you get the pop-up menu asking for a password.
  6.  Click Yes and enter the password that you have created at the entry.

Note: To enter the password you must have a space in the window.
Solution 5: Sync the IMAP folders

  1. Open Outlook > Tools > Accounts.
  2. Select AT&T email account and click Advanced tab ( bottom right )
  3. Uncheck “ Sync all IMAP folders “
  4. Close Outlook and restart and this will work a lot.

Note: Open Outlook in the program folder and tick the checkbox “prevent app nap” and it resolves.
Solution 6: Run using Keychain first aid.

  1. Take out the deleted file in library > keychain and then run Keychain first aid.
  2. Restart and allow access to local items and log in using a password.

library key chain

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