How to Fix OS X Yosemite Shutdown Problems

After upgrading MacBook Pro from Mavericks to OS X Yosemite, lot of Mac users unable to shutdown MacBook Pro.  If Mac users try to shout down their computer from the finder, its not shout down. But the screen just freezes on a blank screen with spinning wheel cursor.
Solution 1:-
Remove Parallels from your computer. If you install that software earlier, then delete it old files from Launch Agents & Launch Daemons folder.
MacintoshHD / Library / LaunchAgents
MacintoshHD / Library / LaunchDaemons
MacintoshHD / Library / Preferences
Ex: “com.parallels.desktop.launchdaemon.plist.”
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Solution 2:-
OSX Yosemite shutdown issue
Launch Disk Utility -> Select Macintosh HD -> Verify Disk.
Let the verify disk run until its done.
If you are find any error, try the Repair disk. (Hold cmd + r while restarting)
Then do a verify disk permissions and a repair disk permissions.
Now reboot.
Solution 3:- 
Turn off FileVault.
Solution 4:-
Logout first. Then restart or shutdown.
Solution 5:-
In Terminal, type and enter the follow line
sudo /Library/Parallels/Uninstaller/Parallels Hypervisor/
Solution 6:-
If you are getting endless spinner, then shut off your drives. Try to eject them before shutdown or restart.
Solution 7:-
Maybe this problem might happened after changing your MacBook Pro wallpaper from default to custom.
Set default Apple wallpaper again. Logout first and restart.
Then log back again. Logout and shutdown.
This solution might solve your problem.
Solution 8:-
Remove incompatible OS X Yosemite applications like Little Snitch3.5 in your computer.
Solution 9:-
Reset SMC

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Changing to default wallpaper did the trick. Why is that? I want to change my wallpaper to a photo of my family. Is there a way it can shutdown easily when i change the wallpaper? Thank you very much.

as so manu people have issues in shuting down their Mac .. I guess it's an OS bug that SHOULD be fixed by Apple teams….

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