Open Mac Pages in a Microsoft Environment

Learn how to open Mac pages in a Microsoft environment.
Method 1: Steps to save Mac document in different file formats

  1. Open the Word for Mac.
  2. Go to File > Save As.
  3. Type a name for your document in the Save As box. ( File is saved in the Document folder and  you can move the file to a different folder.)
  4. To change the format of the file go to format box and select the file format as you need.
  5. Click Save.

Thus the file is saved in a different format.
Another Method

  1. Save your file in any format.
  2. Right click on your file and choose Rename.
  3. Rename your .pages extension and give different file format in .pages extension.( for example, change your .pdf format into .zip format)
  4. Press enter. The file is converted to zip file.
  5. You can open and read the contents and save a local copy if needed.

Method 2: Saving files in Google docs account.
upload files in google docs

  1. Open your Google Docs Account.
  2. Upload files to your Google Account which is to be formatted.
  3. Access the pages file in the Google Docs environment.
  4. Once the document/ pages opened print the document.
  5. This will convert the pages/document to PDF file.
  6. You can save the PDF version to your desktop.

Method 3: Open .pages extension on Windows.

  1. Create an iCloud account.
  2. Open pages in
  3. Copy and paste your document into the pages in iCloud.
  4. After uploading the document, right-click on the document and click on ‘download a copy’.
  5. Now select “Word”.

The document is created as .docx document.
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Method 4: Websites to convert page files to a different format.
Cloud convert files
Use This web page converts .pages file to a different file format like PDF file,*.doc,*.XML etc..
Method 5: online sites to convert files.
Use Zamza. This site helps to convert files from online .pages to PDF or Doc and Docx.
Method 6: Exporting pages file as Word document for Mac

  1. Open the pages file that has to be converted.
  2. Select File > Export To > Word or different file format as required.

export word format
3. In the “Export Your Document” screen you could find “Word”. Below that Word click on the Advanced Options near to a triangle.
export word document4. Click the appropriate word file format to users either .”docx” for rapport with the newest version of Ms- Office, and Word, or .”doc” for better compatibility with older versions of Word.
5. Select “Next”.
6. Save the New Word file and select “Export”
saving word
Thus a new word file is created in .doc or .docx format.

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