OneNote for Mac : How to delete or rename a Notebook

Lot of Mac users reported they can’t find a way (menu or shortcut) to delete or rename a notebook on OneNote.
You can do this thing by going into my OneDrive web interface.

  1. First you will have to close the documents if you are syncing those notebooks with iOS device.
  2. Login into OneDrive web interface using your Microsoft account.
  3. Navigate into Documents directory where you can see all you notebooks.
  4. Delete unwanted notebooks here.
  5. If you want to rename the document, select the document -> right click it  and choose Rename.

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Note: If you get a sync error (essentially file not found) on your OneNote on Windows PC, rename the OneNote file back to its original name.  Sync your Windows PC to OneDrive.

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What does this mean "Navigate into Documents directory". Do you mean in Finder or Onenote? Onenote help is worthless on this subject. How can something so easy be so counterintuitive?

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