Notes App not syncing with iCloud? Here’s how to fix it

Some times Mac users faced this issue. Any note created on Mac appears on iPhone and iPad via iCloud. But notes created with iPhone and iPad not appear on Mac.
To sync notes,
If you want to enable notes for your each account, in your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calenders or Go to Settings -> iCloud.
Solution 1:-
Go to Settings -> Notes -> Default Account -> ( change this to) iCloud.
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Solution 2 :-
If you want to solve this issue, delete the iCloud account on your iMac and recreate it.
Solution 3:-
Unselect notes in iCloud preferences. It will delete all local copies of the iCloud notes. Then go to iCloud preferences and select notes again.
Solution 4:-
iCloud Settings

In your iOS device, go to System Preferences -> iCloud and un-check Notes Sync. Then logout.
Log in again. Recheck Notes sync and open Notes.
If this method is not working, restart your phone.
Solution 5:-
In your iPhone 6, go to Settings -> iCloud and turn off Notes. Then turn off phone.
Turn on again. Open Notes app and check notes. None there. That’s good. All notes suppose to be stored in iCloud.
Go to Settings -> iCloud and turn on Notes. Wait a few minutes. Now open notes app. Notes are now synced and updated to Mac and other iOS devices.
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13 responses to Notes App not syncing with iCloud? Here’s how to fix it

Solution Omega: While holding iPhone in left hand and laptop in the other, slowly twirl on one foot for three complete revolutions. Hop twice, then say "Apple is the new Microsoft" three times. Set the iPhone on top of the laptop, do a pirouette, and your devices should now be synced.
(But you know, I wouldn't mind if this were the only solution needed and it reliably worked.)

Totally with you, why things are no longer working as it did before with APPLE!
Jobs should come back into play.

Thanks a lot – switched off notes in my iPhone and it deleted the lot – of course they did not come back because IT WAS NOT SYNCED!!! Dumbass

D Reynolds, with you on that. Lost a couple of days figuring out how to solve this. Annoyed!
And unsafe how long it will stay working.
Reliability was a Apple thing, looks like it's gone…
Really hope that this and many other this get on track, as they were suppose to be.

i can't go to Settings -> iCloud in my iphone because it is grayed out!
I have not been able to figure out why,or how to fix that!
help anyone?

Dorothy – re: Option Number 5, when I turn off notes in iCloud, it warns me that all notes on my phone will be deleted. If I do this, turn my phone off and then back on again, and then turn on notes, will all my deleted notes reappear? I don't want to lose my iCloud notes. Thanks.

Problem is for me this is only a temporary solution I've logged out of my account on my phone sign back in again started notes up again then I have to re-pair my Apple Watch because phone calls won't ring through I have to set up wallet again call the banks to confirm my accounts it ends up being a whole long long drawn out thing and then a few days later it's not working again FML

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