No sound on iMac? Here's how to fix it

We already published some articles about iMac issue like iMac Shut Down Randomly by Itself and  sound not working on Yosemite. Today we are just focusing on how to fix no sound on iMac issue.
Lot of iMac user reported this issue. “No sound coming from iMac. Only i can hear start up sound”, “iMac sound stopped working”, “no sound output devices found (external speakers)” etc.
Fix 1: Choose internal speakers as a output device

  1.  Go to Apple menu -> System Preferences and click sound.
  2. Choose output tab and select internal speakers as a output device.

mac sound preference
Fix 2 : Insert a tooth pick into iMac/Mac Mini or MacBook Pro headphone jack
Sometimes this issue happened because of the broken headphone jack or dirt. So insert and remove tooth pick or ear bud in you Mac headphone jack.
Fix 3: Kill “coreaudiod” service
Open Activity monitor and quit/kill “coreaudiod” service. Then restart your iMac.
Fix 4: No sound on YouTube?

  1. Go to Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Other -> Flash Player.
  2. In flash player dialogue box, choose “camera and mic” tab.
  3. “Camera and Microphone Settings by Site” button will list all sites that asked permission to use your computer mic and camera.
  4. Select the complete list and delete it with “-” button.

Other fixes:-

  • Froce quit the frozen app and restart your system.
  • Press F10 (for mute) on and then off.
  • Change the batteries in keyboard
  • Reset PRAM & SMC

If you knew any other solutions to fix “iMac sound stopped working” issue, inform us using comment.

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