How to Fix Audio Issues After Upgrading to OS X Yosemite

One of the common complaints Mac users reported after upgrading to Yosemite –  audio issues (no audio, audio control not working and audio noise) after Yosemite update.
Problem 1 : no audio in safari, Firefox when play videos after Yosemite update. And internal speakers are also not working.
Problem 2: Mac users can’t adjust volume for speakers. But speaker volume buttons on keyboard & Sound Output slider on System Preferences still works. But those two things not adjust system volume.
Problem 3: Mac users get annoying random popping noise when playing video or audio.
Problem 4: Audio settings already set on internal speakers but audio issue still happened in safari. But users get sound from everything else.
Solution 1:-
Yosemite upgrade changes sound output from default to installed HDMI display speakers. But Mac does not control these speakers. So this issue might happened.
If you have any external device which is attached with speakers, Mac wants to make that output device.
Go to System Preferences  -> Sound and change the output device to Internal speakers.
Yosemite system preferences output
Solution 2:-
Go to Settings -> Audio -> Output.
Changing the settings for internal speaker.
Solution 3:-
Go to System Preferences-> sound  and put the tick on “Show volume in menu bar”
Solution 4:-
Go to System Preferences -> Sound. Then tick “Play Feedback when volume is changed” check box to fix annoying noise.
Yosemite system preferences sound effects
Solution 5:-
Reset you Mac PRAM (parameter random-access memory) to solve this problem.
First shout down your Mac computer.
Find Option, Command (⌘), P, and R keys in your keyboard.
Turn on your Mac.
Press and hold Option-Command-P-R keys combination before the gray screen appears. Continue holding keys down until computer restarts. Now you hear the startup sound for the second time.
Then release those keys.
Solution 6:-
Run terminal and type  sudo killall coreaudiod
Solution 7;-
Restart you Macbook Pro.
Solution 8:-
If you using HDMI external display with sound, some user thoughts HDMI sound devices no longer controllable on OSX
Go to System Preferences ->sound and change from HDMI to Headphone port.
Solution 9;-
Backup computer. Create bootable Yosemite USB drive.  First detach everything from your iMac. Install Yosemite in iMac internal hard drive using bootable USB drive.
This will solve the issue.

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I tried solution 1-8 and it didn't work for me then I saw this post at to reset the SMC. I did the steps for "Resetting the SMC for Mac Pro, Intel-based iMac, Intel-based Mac mini, or Intel-based Xserve"
1. Shut down the computer.
2. Unplug the computer's power cord.
3. Wait fifteen seconds.
4. Attach the computer's power cord.
5. Wait five seconds, then press the power button to turn on the computer.
And finally it works. Sound control is back. 😀
BTW mine is a iMAC (27-inch, Mid 2011). Hope this help. 🙂

Ha ha, that is just so fkn dumb. Not u Blithe but Apple.
Another dumb thing. I have a second monitor. When I drop my lid to sleep. the MAC ZZZZ's to sleep but the monitor is still on with full screen blazing away……aaaagh

After much searching I found that these above instructions did the trick, the output for headphones finally showed up. This stopped the buzzing and allowed the external speakers to w0rk
Also, I plugged in the headphone jack before I started up the computer after shutdown.

Is there any way to make the headphone port the default output device? My machine is randomly switching between the two much to my frustration.

I've posted this solution on another site, figure I'd post it here too.
For those of you who simply have the audio stuck at one level (audible, but not able to change volume level) and have to do the "sudo coreaudiod" command in terminal every single startup, my fix is simple:
If you are like me, you have Quicktime installed. The fix has to do with a missing codec needed to play certain audio files.
The A52 Codec install fixes this problem and gets the volume controls back to normal. You can get it at .
Afterwards, restart your Mac and everything should be fine.

Oh , Raul! God bless you , my friend!!!!!
You save me! You solution fix my problem with audio on Mac Air 13inch 2011year,yahoooo , i'm happy!!!!!!

I have installed OS X Yosemite on my 2 computers. One is working fine but the other doesn't show any audio output devices and can't change the sound effects also. The startup sound is still there. I have tried few things but nothing is working for me. Please help me to solve the problem.

If you have an old mac laptop and the sound dies with Yosemite, go to system preferences, 'dictation and speech', then go to the 'text to speech' tab and click "announce when alerts are displayed".
For some insane reason this fixed my computer which had been clicking and popping and sound dropping out with the 'internal speakers' option being unavailable in all windows.
No doubt there's a little code bug and clicking this somehow keeps some sub routine going.

sq225917 you my friend are a savior I work with music apps on my macbook and this was killing me cheers to you the other fixes did work for me as well but they would all have to be repeated once I plugged in headphones or changed audio sound driver.

SQ225917 – this worked for me. I realized I had to restart my macbook after I clicked the "announce when alerts are displayed" .. fixed it immediately.. thanks!

aah thanks you're my hero! I started getting static in a lot of my songs and I thought my laptop was finally busted… but it wasn't, after restarting it was back to normal 🙂 so strange that that was what fixed the bug!!

Hei people, Help me please. After upgrade to Yosemite. Problem – noise with sound of Headphone output. When i listening music on speakers i haven't problem with noise, but when i listening with headphone output i have a noise! Please Help me!! Thanks

Does not work. Mac Sucks. Why do we have to find work arounds for this crap. Apple should sort their shit out before they ship their crap at 10 times the price of PC and Win that works. Then we must still try and make it work. How dumb is that!!!!!
I run both Apple and PC. My PC shits bricks all over my MAC. Dont know what people see in MAC. Apple rips you off.

reset PRAM, got control of volume, sounds great…until i get into pro tools then it starts crackling like f$*K its driving me insane and I don't know how to fix it.

I tried every solution, everything failed.
But luckily i have a base airport express for wifi. I just plug audio output in there and then select base express as main audio output in system preferences and it works. There a slightly input lag but it's the best i found.
Hope that helps!
best regards!

None of this helps. After each restart Mac just defaults sound output to its own likings, no matter what you do in the Sound>Output; if there is a Toslink cable plugged in – it will always be the detault. I switched recently from Toslink to HDMI, but the stupid thing now keeps defaulting to internal speakers.
For God's sake, Apple, is it really that hard to keep the latest sound output settings as the default after a restart??? I am an IT specialist with 30 years of experience and I assure you – there is NO EXCUSE for this kind of crap.

For me, it was because I had just added more memory to my Mac mini and either forgot to reattach (or didn't attach securely enough) the ribbon cable connecting the drive module from the rest of the circuitry. It was a pain in the ass to get the Mac open again but that's all it turned out to be.

Number 6 works until computer is restarted, is there a way to make a script t auto logon so that it runs this every time the computer starts? can someone do it so we can just copy and paste it in please?

So, I have a newer 27" iMac (the slim one) and I noticed that the system volume was super low. I would turn it all of the way up and still it was really low volume. I did a quick Google search and came to this thread pretty quickly. All I did was to run #6 above (the sudo command.) I restarted and boom, back to normal!

I have the same problem. Often the volume is much lower than it is normally and the controls do not work. Sometimes everything becomes normal again by itself, sometimes I type "sudo killall coreaudiod" in the terminal and it is fixed temporarily. Does anyone know a permanent solution?

Same thing. I noticed the Justin Beiber music videos on youtube had a way low sound, even if I connected external speakers and ran them at full blast. The option 6 worked for me but then I realized my volume was still set to max on my external speakers. I just realized that one second too late. Took me forty minutes to apologize to adjacent floors on my apartment.

I have a mid 2011 iMac – and I was getting a loud 'pop' when any audio event started.
Since I use external speakers plugged into the Headphone output I only see 'Headphones'
in the 'Play Sound Effects Through:' drop down menu.
Just to see what would happen I choose 'Selected Sound Output Device'. Voila' – Pops are gone.

None worked for me. The only workaround (until next cold boot in which the issue arises again) was to delete cookie from Safari – Preferences – Privacy – Cookies and website data – Details.
BTW Arun, I cannot copy or paste text in this page. Command C copies nothing and Command V pastes nothing using Safari 8.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.10.2 (Yosemite).

I upgrade my iMac mid 2007 from Mavericks to Yosemite and it ran smoothly for two weeks and booting after the slide was approximately 10% got whit and didn't boot. Then I tested all the recommendations above and decided to do a clean installation but every thing continued equal.
Then I decided downgrading to Mavericks and did a clean installation but for my surprise the behavior was the same than with Yosemite. In both cases the iMac boots in safe mode only.
I also discovered that the internal speakers don't sound and don't appear in the window of sound preferences. None of the 9 solutions worked for me.
Please if any body know a solution… Practically I lost my iMac!!!

Personally, I'd check one of the speakers on your Mac.
Two options:
1 – Hail a taxi, give them loads of cash, drive to nearest(?) Apple Store then pay a Genius more cash.
2 – Test the sound you are listening to on another computer. If that doesn't work, then try an audio file that you know is loud.

solution 6.
entered sudo killall coreaudiod and hit enter, and before entering my password, hdmi tv sound started working as i wished. sweet.

PRAM worked like a charm. I tried all other techniques to no avail. PRAM was the key for me. I guess it depends when and how your system hangs that some techniques are relevant or not.
Guess work is to try each one until you rejoice to sound. Amazing how a mac without sound is so useless now in our daily work/play.
So long chaps and thanks a bunch

I sit here still trembling wrage. Just today I have had to reset the screen saver TWICE. Then the blood audio wasn't working. Reset PRAM & restarted SIX times! I was on the point of calling Apple Care and requesting free service when I came to this link. THE MAC, COMPLETELY ON ITS OWN, decided to RESET Internal Speakers to WONDERSHARE AUDIO DEVICE.
I put my fist through my Samsung labtop. I'm taking a clawhammer to this one. I would like to buy a timer and every time I have to stop and fix one of Mac's cock ups, start the timer. At the end of a 12 month period I want to contact Apple and tell them how much of my life they have sucked away from me because their product is beneath contempt.
Thank you so much for the tip about going to Sound in Preferences. I never would have done it because UP UNTIL NOW the POS laptop hasn't reset its speakers. I'm going to remove WonderBloodyShare from my laptop TOUT SUITE!!!!!!

Solution 6 worked instantly. I hope it lasts…
On the other hand, Solution 5 charmed me but not in a good way. You typed 'shout your Mac down' which I've been doing for years without success, so I tried Solution 6 instead. Instant calm! Hooray! Thanks!!!

I only have headphones for an option on sound in system preferences output??? Shouldn't i have multiple options? 😩 Please help me.

I've got a very disturbing issue. I'm wanting to run a duel boot where both Yosemite and snow leopard are both operable. I use snow leopard for the purposes of legacy software. And as of right now am stuck using separate mac books for that purpose. Macbook 6,1 is the model I'm trying to do this on.
Partition 1, mac OS 10.10.
Partition 2, mac OS 10.6
If you can tell me how to do this I'd be gladly happy.

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