iPhone & iPad : "NO SIM CARD INSTALLED" error, fix

iPhone saying “NO SIM CARD”. This error message keep popping up. Mostly this problem happened after charging mobile or updating new version of iOS.
iPhone is little thinner than some SIM cards. So this problem might happened because of this issue.
Devices : iPhone 5 (AT&T), Verizon, sprint.
no SIM card installed error
Solution 1:-
This is a temporary issue. Reboot your iPhone or iPad to fix this issue.
Press and hold Sleep/wake button and Home button together until Apple logo appears.
Solution 2:-
Remove the card from your iPhone slot. Clean it (if it contain any dust). Place the card again.
Note: If its not work use small paper clip and insert it in the SIM card hole. Push firmly. It will remove dust.
Clean the contacts with a little alcohol.
Solution 3:-
This solution solved some iPad users issue.
First turn on Airplane mode.
Then go to WiFi setting and turn on WiFi again.
Solution 4:-
Pop the SIM tray out. Clean the contacts off with cloth. Put 3 small pieces of scotch tape on the top ( side without the metal contacts) of the SIM card. Make sure tap not bigger than the SIM card. Then place it back in the tray and put it back in the iPhone. Now turn on the phone and check the issue.
The tape make it thick enough.
Solution 5:-
Go to Settings -> General -> Allow restrictions.
On Allow Restrictions, look for cellular data and tick “don’t allow changes”.
Solution 6:-
Insert your SIM card in any other phone. Check the signal and service status. If it have any issue, take it to your mobile service provider like AT&T. Bought a new SIM card.
Solution 7:-
Reset Network settings.
Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.
Solution 8:-
Told Siri to turned off mobile data.
Solution 9:-
Restore the iPhone.
Solution 10:-
Update your iPhone or iPad to latest version of iOS.
If you have any other problems or solutions about No SIM card issue, do let us via comment.

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25 responses to iPhone & iPad : "NO SIM CARD INSTALLED" error, fix

When I plug my iphone 5c to my laptop and open iTunes, it tells me that "there no sim in the iphone you are attempting to activate ."

The tape trick worked perfect! Just needed a second piece to make it register. I'm gonna have to remember that one.

None of these are working for my IPad 3. It's starting to get very annoying. Please could you sort this problem out.

When I connect my iphone 5s with itines it doesn't recognize the sim & even wifi also no sim installed message it is showing.

What is actually happening is that the SIM card is corroding, for whatever reason. My co-worker showed me this trick: Take the SIM card out and use a pencil eraser to clean the entire metal surface of the sim card. You will notice it getting lighter. I have had success doing this every time I encounter this problem (and I am on my second SIM card in my iPhone 5, having replaced the first one before I learned this trick).

Just got back from the Apple Store. They tried installing three brand new cards unsuccessfully! All they suggested … BUY A NEWER MODEL!
THANK YOU but, I shall NOT!

I notice that this seems to be related to charging the phone with a computer that has a different release of iTunes.
I would also like to comment that the English grammar used in this post is horrible. Some of the comments are also horrible.

"No SIM card installed" pop up comes on and off . I tried all the steps above ,rebooting myself and even called AT&T to reset my phone from there end, did not work! Apple suggested it was an SIM card issue since I already updated my iOS. But Both my phone and son phone both have pop up issues. Ever since we placed ours phones on no data usage it has been happening. Which happened 10days after we bought them at bestbuy. I thought maybe just a wifi thing but no. . Best Buy has a no refunds policy after 14days , I see why! AT&T suggested to go to store to replace SIM cards, so today I went and replaced SIM cards and still get pop ups. No one seems to be able to help me in AT&T nor has Apple been able to figure it out why it does that. It pops up at home, in car , at stores, pretty much everywhere. I made a case and am awaiting an iTunes update soon, if this doesn't help I dont know what else to do. Any suggestions, anyone? I am so over these apples iPhones uggggggg! Question to Apple? If it's an iOS issue why didn't the update fix it and If the iTunes update doesn't fix these new iPhone6splus how can I get my money back for these defected phones? And it is sooooo wierd that AT&T blames Apple and Apple blames AT&T wth really, this obivoulsy isn't a new issue with iPhones! Looks as if even if they replace my iPhones they will do the same thing per these comments I read, so what do we do if it happens again, sue?
Help anyone, please?

Someone help. My parents control my cellular data and they turn it off when we get the message that we've gone over 90% of our amount. When my data gets turned off, I can't turn it back on, because I don't control it. It doesn't come back on unless they turn it on from their phone. So when I'm out of data, the "no SIM installed" pops ups and all my bars are taken away for a minute at the most. What do I do? I've tried everything on this page and had my SIM card replaced at the store."

Literally the same happened to me! best buy can go to H E double hockey sticks, i'm tired of this sugar honey iced tea!! I don't know what to do anymore

my iphone 6s plus sim detected but no phone call ..or sms not working what may be the problem can u plz help me with dis issues…in defult sheeting only data connection show voice call and messaging not shown why ?

I guess I have a problem that is different from most people – I have a GSM version of the iPad v2, but I do not have and do not want a SIM card in the unit. Yet I get the annoying "No SIM Card Installed" popping up continuously ever since the upgrade to IOS 10.
I have tried all of above (except full re-install of the IOS) and nothing seems to work…

I have tried every one of the things you said and not Any of them worked to get rid of the notice "NO SIM CARD" why would it say that on an iPad anyway????? I have an ipad3

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