How to fix the No Notification Sound issue on iPhone & iPad

This issue mostly happened after iOS update like iOS 8.1.1. Users lost notification sound with incoming calls, texts, emails, FaceTime, games and other apps. iPad or iPhone notification sounds not working.

Devices : iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3
Please leave a comment on which method worked for you.
Solution 1:-

  • Go to Settings and make sure you do not have Do Not Disturb activated. You might be switched on Do Not Disturb (the moon symbol) from drag up control center.
  • Check the volume on the ringer.
  • Check the mute button. Your iPhone might frozen in mute mode. Flick the Mute button on and off several times.

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Solution 2:-

  • Reset Network Settings. Go to Settings -> General -Reset -> Reset Network Settings.
  • Reset All settings.
  • Hold the home and lock button together for few seconds until the iPhone restarts itself.

Solution 3:-
Go to under Notifications and disable notifications for messages. Turn off your phone and turn it back on.
Then turn notifications back on for messages.
Other solutions:-

  • Go to your contacts and check the settings for Text messages. If its in default, change it to a specific sound.
  • Put the headphone into the headphone port and remove it.
  • Configure iMessage to receive messages from phone only (not from emails).
  • Turn on Bluetooth and check the notification sound issue.
  • Go to Settings -> Do not Disturb -> Allow calls from -> Choose Everyone.
  • If you are using Google App, go to Settings -> privacy -> microphone and turn it off.
  • Go to settings ->Notifications ->Messages -> alert style when locked. Change it from banner to alerts.
  • Go to any video app like YouTube. Play any video and turn up the volume.
  • Go to Settings -> Sound and move the volume slider right over to the left (silent).
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168 responses to How to fix the No Notification Sound issue on iPhone & iPad

The last dot point in Solution #1 worked for me: Check the mute button. Your iPhone might frozen in mute mode. Flick the Mute button on and off several times.
Thank you very much to the writer of the tips.

I tried all of the above. When I put my headphones in I can hear message notifications but not otherwise. This is driving me nuts.

Thank you!!!!
I was so puzzled at no notifications and could not figure it out. After reading your super helpful tips I sorted it out!!

I had the same problem. No notification sounds and the ringtone was the default and I couldn't change it. What I found was that when I took the cover off and replaced it I inadvertently turned the phone sound switch to off. It's at the top of the phone one the left side. Didn't even know it was there! If it's red it's off. When I turned it to on, no more problems. Hope this may help someone.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This literally saved my life. I've broken at least 2 phones over the past year because Of silly little problems like this and not controlling myself, lmfao. Thanks a lot !!

I have no idea how it got turned off, even though I did know about the button, I just didn't think of it being the problem. Thanks.

Thank you!!! I was going crazy trying to figure this out. Apparently when I dropped my phone today the sound switch moved to the off position. Never even thought to check that until I read your post.

I have tried everything. I recently restored my iphone to factory settings and did an icloud back up. Nothing has worked. I still do not get notification of text messages. All the other sound notifications work.

I had similar problem. Use compressed air (or your mouth) to blow directly into the headphone jack, this may help to dislodge dust or pocket lint stuck in the port.
Get a Q-Tip or toothpick and swab around inside the port to dislodge any remaining particles

I have an iPhone6+ and the charger chirp and notifications weren't working. I used the assistive touch solution and it worked. I also saw the post about taking the cover off and moving the mute switch accidentally. That's obviously what happened to me as I removed the cover to clean it. I completely forgot that that switch was there!

None of this worked for me. In my case, the issue is intermittent; I get text alerts, can hear typing sounds, etc., when I am at home or, apparently, connected to a wi-fi network, but not on LTE or 4G networks. Does anyone else experience this problem?

I found that this only occurs on my phone if I've have used Facebook since unlocking the phone. Something with that app causes my key clicks, lock sounds, and in coming texts on the lock screen silent. Not sure if anyone else uses Facebook, but no other app causes everything to go silent. The only way I can fix it is to power the phone off and on.

Try turning off Bluetooth and then check if your alert sounds work. On my iPhone 6 I found the problem to be a DAB radio controller app I installed to run my new clock radio. When it is enabled the phone will only make sound on incoming phone calls and will only vibrate for alerts.

Hi Guys
I'm a first time iPhone user (iPhone 6) and I need to know how to switch on a flicking alert when I get messages if I don't hear the sound alert. Does iPhone 6 have that option?

I have tried all of these fixes, none work. I have a 5s, and when I turn the volume in any app down to mute, that apparently mutes my text notification sound. There is an option to have that change with the buttons but I have NOT chosen that in the settings. This is only since I've installed ios 8.4.1 The only temporary fix I have found is to go into settings, sounds, and slide the "ringers and alerts" volume control back down to silent, then back up to highest volume (which is where I keep it all the time anyway.) This only works for awhile. It's maddening. I missed an urgent text this am because I had no notification of it. Grrr.

I had this problem, went crazy trying to find solution. Turned out to be easy as pie: Mute switch accidentally flipped on. I don't even know why it's there, because there are other ways to accomplish same thing. But check it out! Just above volume buttons on left side.

OMG I was going crazy trying to figure why I wasn't getting my notification sounds. I saw your post and problem solved!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I didn't even know I had a mute button!

I didn't even know there was a mute switch. It's on the side of my iPhone 6. Some how it got switched on. Stupid mute switch. Thanks?

I checked my Do Not Disturb, and found "Manual" was checked on. I never use that feature, so turned it off-I had a problem with no sound for texts when locked, wouldn't even wake the screen, but this fixed it! Thanks all!

Force quit worked till9.01 update. Now nothing works. I tried re adding still no working. Even turning off and on the mute switch does not help.

My problem is after upgrading to 9.0.1 on an IPHONE 5S I don't get the notification sound
from just one person that texts me all the time. I get the sound from everyone else. I deleted that contact reset my phone and put them back in and nothing. I switched sounds for just that person and nothing. Then I upgraded to 9.0.2 and still nothing. I have tried several sounds but
none work for that contact. I went to Verizon store and they told me to wait for another update?
Any ideas?

Thank you for responding. I came across your article the other day and did all the fixes in your article but none of them worked. My problem is only with one person no one else.
I have tried everything. Changing their sound,deleting that contact,resetting my phone after. Then re-enter them, resetting my phone and I just went through all your fixes again
and still the same. It is crazy why only one contact. They also have gone through all their settings to make sure I am not blocked,do not disturb etc. It's my sister and we text several times a day and now I have to be constantly looking at my phone to check if there is a message. Any other thoughts?

I am having the exact same issue with the person I text the most. I have done everything you suggested and have found no fix. It's very frustrating.

Solution #1 worked. I'm new at this iphone and I didn't know the half moon meant do not disturb. Thank you. I have on several occasions brought up the control center accidentally and I must have touched the button when I did that. Thank you again.

#2 is working ..
Thank you guys …!!
You can understand the happiness after resolving that freaking iPhone issues by yourself .. Ever grateful to you guys

Under Settings/Do Not Disturb/Allow Calls From — Make sure it is set to Everyone. Otherwise it will only notify you if the message is from favorites or names in your address book

YES! FOUND ON "Favorites". With 3 Entries: a REAL SHUTDOWN! There aught to be a notice, saying why a notification did not function, in my book…

Solution #1. Mute button had to be turned on/off few times to reactivate sounds. Turned off for church but sounds did not come back on when mute turned off. Fixed for now.

I really appreciate all your help but so far nothing has worked.
But please if anyone has any ideas I will gladly try them.

My sister and I have each tried changing settings and all the suggestions that have been posted here but nothing works. In sitting together with the phones when she gets a text from me it is not her default sound and she did not change it. It is 3 little beeps. The other weird thing is that
if she does a group text with me in the group I do get the sound but if she texts me alone I don't. Just thought i would put that out there as it is something new we discovered.

I found the answer to my previous question about not getting the sound notification on a text from only one contact – no problem with any one else – after I did the last update on my phone.
I solved the problem. I'm not sure if most people even know this –
if you hit the details button in the upper right on the actual message feed, there is an option there that says Do Not Disturb
if that is on you will not get a sound notification for that contact only. Mine was on. I never knew that was even must have been tripped with the new update.
I checked the general Do Not Disturb several times and it was off but even so I would not get a sound for that contact.I hope this helps someone else because it has been very frustrating for me.

Thank you Cathy, i have been frustrated for 2weeks now, coz i had the same issue as well, and i just tried your idea ant true to your word, my do not disturb for this contact was on as well, and now i get sound with all my massage notifications. Thanks.

I definitely didn't have DND on, but if my phone was locked, I wouldn't get any alert when I received a message. It would play a sound and vibrate only when my phone was unlocked. Solution #3 fixed that.

I had the same problem – no notification sounds with texts from my wife. Dangerous! Tried most or all the described solutions but nothing worked. Finally turned on location services for this caller and everything was solved. On the message screen press details in upper left corner and turn on location service for this caller. Don't know why but it worked.

Thank you so much. Your directions did the trick. I could get alerts from everyone but my daughter. It was very frustrating. Thanks to you I'm all set!

Just my wife's iMessage notifications were not alerting me. Checked her contact card, searched through notifications, settings and DnD. Finally found that in iMessage>wife>details DnD was turned on for her only. Finally resolved.

I have tried all the solutions I could find on the Internet. None of them worked consistently on the two iPhones I have to work with.
Then I stumbled on what helped with the solutions listed here. If I sent a text to the other iPhone and left messenger on the screen that showed what I had sent, then I would NOT get a sound when a reply came back. But, if I switched my screen from showing what was sent, to showing who I had sent messages to …… Then I ALWAYS got a sound when a reply came back. My, that was great for me to learn!!

So far the "everyone" setting for incoming is working. Going to test it tonight, but not confident. I have always known about the mute switch, I'm just wondering how people don't know about it – do you turn your phone completely off when you're in a meeting or a movie?

My issue seems to be one I cannot find anyone else having with myniphone 6… If I am on the Google App and get a text message or any other kind of alert (not incoming phone call), it will show a banner, but no notification noise. It only happens when I use the Google App. Has anyone had issue with this or know of any way I can get the notification sound while using Google??

Thank you, thank you for all your help. Resetting my iPhone and double-checking the settings helped me get notifications again. I am so happy to have the sounds working again. Double, triple thank-yous…

Picked up a new iPhone 6S+ and iPad Pro this weekend. The phone has been perfect but I have the same notification issues. I tried everything as noted on another site which included many of the ones listed here. I'm going to try the headphone deal and see if that does it. I've Reset, Erased, made it like new…same problem. Running iOS 9.1 on all my Apple prods. I was on the phone with Apple last night and between them and a couple beta testers, it appears that they are well aware of the problem and Beta 9.2 & 9.3 fix the problem. With luck a fix will be out shortly. Between this prob and Microsofts latest Windows 10 upgrade, my time is really getting spent.

I'm having sound issues and not getting the red notification for text messages. My playlist plays, periscope plays,keyboard clicks work, but no text notifications , no sound, and no phone call sound. I tried all the above..nothing worked…any suggestions? TIA…

Hi Daveda
I have the same problem as you and have read and tried all the solutions on here to no avail so really would appreciate knowing if you ever got your phone working again but more importantly (how ? ) I am really tired as I have been surfing the internet all day hoping to find a reason. One whole day wasted lol.

My sound is not working still. I can't wait to get a update and switch from stupid iPhone. I hate it. My sound just all of a sudden stopped working. Will someone please tell me how to fix this stupid iPhone.

Solution 1 worked.
Spent ages searching Internet to fix this and then you suggested a mute button I didn't even know existed! Thank you!

Solution 1 worked.
Spent ages searching Internet to fix this and then you suggested a mute button I didn't even know existed! Must have pushed it when changing phone cover. Thank you!

Yay! Thank you for your advice. Do not disturb WAS activated on screen drag up screen. When I de-activated it am back on the air. Who knew. Ta muchly.

Also make sure your have bluetooth turned OFF especially if you have it for your car or wireless headphones (I had bought a new set the same day as the phone and bluetoothed them to my phone immediately of course) that are near to your phone. This was my problem. It was connecting to them instead of making the text tone on my phone. Might be another solution for some people. ??

I don't know which one helped but I did all of them! It only took about 5 minutes and I'm back in business. All I know is I updated my phone and right after my red notification bubble was gone and the swoosh-sent text sound was gone. I used to hate them until they were gone. Thank you so much!!!

#2 worked for me. Hopefully it will last. The first time I changed the banner style and it worked for a short time. Then stopped.

Thanks Amanda (16 Dec) – turned off Bluetooth and my sound motification fir text messages returned. I have a Dock Boss Bluetooth adapter on my home stereo, and the iPhone was automatically connecting to that whilst at home. Have disconnected the Dock Boss from the hone stereo, turned Bluetooth back on, and it works well again.

Yeah! Solution number 3 (Go to Settings -> Do not Disturb -> Allow calls from -> Choose Everyone.) worked for me! Thanks so much!

Worked for me as well.
Apple really need to bloody well fix this.
Tricky bit is now to explain to my girlfriend why I someone who is always on their phone didn't respond for like 5 hours!!!

Solution #2 worked perfect! Reset network settings. I seem to have this issue every time I use the toggle to silence my phone. When I toggle it back to off mute I get no alert tones. This worked! I wonder if it's the Life Proof case…

I have a life proof case. I possibly dropped my phone too many times and one of these times I must have hit the switch above the volume up and down. I toggled that and everything is good in my world again. Case saves phone but not grief!

Got the iPhone 6 Plus out of the box last night and I could not get the text alert to work – followed all the suggestions on all the websites and nothing – reset the phone about 6 times over and still nothing – I do not have my contacts in my phone yet cause I need to connect via my computer and for whatever reason I saw that there is a switch for the alerts in texts if they are not in your contacts then it won't sound – not sure why that is even an option – a text is a text so why would you ever want it to be off – also what happens if your a non savvy iPhone user and don't put all the contacts into your phone then it will never alert you when you get a text – really a dumb feature on the iPhone plus

I have an iPhone 4s. My sounds changed by themselves all the time. If I manually changed one, then restart … the new sound worked only once. Then changed by itself to whatever it wanted.

I never use headphones, but someone said to clean my headphone jack. I used a little air device that clears dust from the keyboard. Alert sounds returned

I had never used my headphone jack until this weekend and afterwards all my alert sounds stopped…i used some compressed air to clean the jack and surrounding parts and sure enough everything is back to normal!
Thank you!!

That was my problem as well. Even took it to the Att store and to Simply Mac. Neither one could figure it out. So thankful for this post. I've spent hours on this problem

Go to Settings -> Sound and move the volume slider right over to the left (silent) and Go to Settings -> Do not Disturb -> Allow calls from -> Choose Everyone, both these worked to get SOUND notification of text messages. Still no visual notification banner when I receive a text. And now with each new text I receive, text history/communication thread is erased. Only displays the most recent text. HELP!

Well somehow my "do not disturb" was also on even though I've never set it. Maybe it automatically set after the last update?
Anyway, glad I looked here since it was driving me crazy!
What an easy fix!

I found the problem with the iPad Air 2 not ringing. It was in the do not disturb section that the updated IOS set to no one rather than everyone. Good tech support on here. Thanks.

On my phone (iPhone 5) I stopped receiving text notifications. I found that I had a ton of notifications in my notification center. After I cleared these out, everything worked.

The mute symbol was on in the swipe up control center. The apple people could not find the problem but you definitely did! We thank you for that.

Solution #1 worked for me. I must have accidently put it into DND mode when using the drag up control center! Thanks so much!

Mine was stuck on mute mode. (The little switch on top left of iPhone 6 plus). Thank you very much!! I didn't know that was there

I have tried everything listed above and updated to the latest version. Nothing is working. My phone rings with calls but no sound from Utube videos or notifications on text messages. Sometimes the volume meter doesn't even appear when hitting the + or – keys along with the bell symbol.

I am only having this issue with my iPad, not the iPhone. None of the solutions restored my alerts and ringtones on the iPad.

Hi iPhoners.
Re no audible sounds for incoming calls, texts, mails etc on iPhone 6.
DO NOT DISTURB WAS ON. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Turned it off & VOILA (that's French for "thank —k for that!) we're back in the room…….DOH!
Thank you so so much for this invaluable fix.
Think it's been activated by me swiping up & then catching the moon icon when I swiped back down & simply not noticing the moon symbol DND was highlighted on the screen.
Easy error to make, & when you know how to fix it, easy to do.
I'm off to have a cup of tea & a ginger biscuit, yes I know…I live quite dangerously!
Yorkie man now happy…

I went to settings and saw that my sounds for text messages was in default and switched it to a sound. Thanks so much for your assistance in this matter.

Solution #1 worked- the mute button (didn't even know there WAS one!) was turned on accidentally. Thank you for the help!

Thank you! Number one worked for me. I thought the moon icon was for my night brightness setting. Soon as I switched it off, all started working properly again.

I just purchased the 6s plus and turning off Bluetooth solved the problem for me. Now I can hear my email and text notifications when the screen is locked.

I accidentally activated the do not disturb, the moon symbol, when I was using the flashlight from the drag up control center. I figured it out after reading solution 1 !! Thank you so much!

I'm a new apple user and I am not a fan. Android is sooooooo much more user friendly. Not sure why apple can't be. Only went to apple because if android battery fires. Not sure it is worth it.

It was the mute button. I have a case that covers it up, so I forget all about it. I took the case off yesterday and the button must have gotten bumped. How embarrassing!

My iPad Air has notification sound problem since last month. No notification sound is coming on any app. I tried all known methods as given out in the trouble shooting guidelines. No success. Pl.advice.

None of the above worked. Still no notification from Android phones. Works fine with other iphone users, just not Android. WTF

Thank you for the tips! I was getting so frustrated with my phone but it was my fault. I had the do not disturb feature on for weeks! :/
Thanks again!

Tried all of them (couple I wasn't aware of-thanks) and none worked til one comment mentioned turn notification off then restart phone. That worked!

Thank you Karen from June 5, 2015. I was going crazy none of the fixes worked that Apple suggested and I found yours and fixed it right away. Thank you so much for sharing your information my phone works now.

Thank you!!! When you double click the home button on the iPad2, there is a bell icon that turns off notifications. Even though notifications were enabled in settings, it does’t sync with the bell button. Everything works great now!

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I just spent an hour trying to fix my Mom’s iPhone to where her Messaging would not notify her at all. After resetting everything I finally noticed on the Messaging that some of us had the half moon by our names. I clicked the i button next to the name and there was a toggle that said do not show notifications. She has no idea how that was turned one for some people, but that fixed the issue.

This article is not helpful for someone new to an iPhone. Turn off sounds for Notifications??? Do I have to go into each app and somehow figure out how to do that??? I'm sure there is a simple way to do it, BUT YOU HAVEN'T SAID HOW!!!! My mother is in the hospital, and I have to constantly look at my phone to see if there are new emails or text, so yes, my frustration tolerance is very low at this point, but please, some people were forced late in life to get into Apple stuff. Have a care for us!!!

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