(Fixed) Netflix: “An error occurred loading this content”- Apple TV

How to fix Netflix an Occurred loading this content on Apple TV


We know that Netflix is an online streaming service through that we can watch favorite shows according to our likes and wish. But a new problem arose with this. People are unable to load the content. And they get an error message like Netflix: “An error occurred loading this content”. Try again later” when they play a Netflix or HBO GO on Apple TV. But they don’t get any errors on PC and iPad when they watch Netflix. Let’s see how to cure that mess now.

Solution 1:- Monitor your Internet Connection

Guys the first and foremost thing that you have to do is, check your internet connection. Here you have to check the two things on the internet.

  •  Test your internet connection
  • Check the Wi-Fi signal strength

1. Test your Internet Connection:

On your Apple TV,

  • Go to Settings and tap on General
  • Select the Network and give Test Network 
  • Click Ok and click Yes
  • That’s it. The test will start once you tapped on the Yes button.

2. Check the Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Sometimes the signal strength may be weak and that will interrupt the video from playing. So make sure that you have excellent signal strength. For that,

  • Go to Settings and tap on General then click Network
  • Usually, if there are Five bars and that is considered to be good signal strength.
  • So check that one.

Solution No 2: Contact Network Provider

This issue is sometimes caused by the network. So, contact your network provider and request that they investigate any network-related issues.

Solution No 3: Restart your Apple TV

Mostly when this kind of problem occurs, Restarting or Rebooting will surely help you to get rid of that particular problem. To do that,

  • Go to Settings and tap on General then click on the Restart button.
  • If you are having Apple Remote then press the Menu button and the down button to restart easily.

Solution No 4: Update the Latest Firmware on your Apple TV

If you still have updated to the latest firmware then kindly update it to the latest version. For that,

  • Go to Settings and tap on General
  • In that choose Update Software and select the Download and install option.
  • If the update is complete, then launch Netflix and try to stream again.

Solution No 5: Turn Off the Subtitles

Because when you turn on the subtitles, it requires a large amount of internet connection. If your network is slow that creates a problem. So turn off the subtitles and watch the streaming videos and so on. To do that,

  • Go to Settings and select Audio and Video 
  • In that choose Subtitle Language 
  • Turn off the subtitles now.

Simple Tips and Tricks

  • Unplug the Apple TV power cable. Wait 30 seconds and plug back in again.
  • Trim down the video quality
  • Always keep a collection of downloaded videos. So that you can see when you have a problem.
  • Turn off the other Wi-Fi devices connected to the same network.

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Final Verdict:

I hope these solutions will surely help you to push Netflix”an error occurred loading this content” from the Apple Tv. If it is then share it with your friends and keep supporting  iPhonetopics.com. Thank you.

  1. I've contacted Telus and Apple Support several times about the problem of Netflix crashing frequently with my new Apple TV, and iTunes music randomly stopping when I use Airplay between my new Powerbook Mac and my TV.
    In response,Telus increased my Internet speed from 6 to 15 and changed my internet channel to #9 which Apple recommended. The company also sending a serviceman who checked my wiring and single band modem/router, installed a new outdoor box, and declared that my internet was working perfectly.
    In addition, I persuaded Apple to give me another new Apple TV in case my original device was faulty. They said that in their experience, problems like mine were caused by interference from other WiFi-using devices in the house and neighbourhood.
    None of the above "fixes" worked. Finally, I asked my son who is an installer for Shaw, to give me advice. He said that the best solution was for me to install a high quality dual band router. I did that, — the device I got was a Netgear N600 router. That dual band router totally solved my problems with Netflix and Airplay. Both programmes are now stable and crash-free, and I don't have to use any of the reboot "solutions" that you find all over the internet.

  2. My Netgear N600 dual band router is model WNDR3700. It's hooked up to the cheap single band modem supplied by my internet service provider which is Telus.
    I've seen this Netgear router advertised on the internet for around $70. I've been testing it for the past 2 weeks with Netflix on Apple TV and with iTunes songs Airplayed from my iMac to Apple TV. There have been no crashes, delays, or "cannot load content" error messages. I'm delighted that this router has finally solved my problems with Netflix and Airplay and I no longer have the frustration of continually having to restart my videos or music.

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