Solved: Netflix Dolby Atmos Issues on Apple TV 4K

Netflix Dolby Atmos Problem Apple TV 4K

Many people in the forum reported that “Netflix Dolby Atmos issues on Apple TV 4K“. They can hear the drop and popping sounds in the audio. This is really annoying if we want to experience good sound effects from our Apple TV Netflix. But until now, Apple hasn’t given any response to this bug. Yet, I’ll share with you some suggestions to solve this issue.

Check if your external soundbar is supported or not:

Sometimes, if your external sound is not supported by Netflix’s Dolby Atmos feature. So check if it’s supported or not. If you have any doubts regarding this product. contact the product manufacturer for more details.

Play and Watch More Dolby Atmos Movies:

Check if this problem occurs in specific movies or not. In recent times, a few people have said that when they play Netflix movies that support Dolby Atmos on Apple TV, they get this audio drop and popping problem. Therefore, play other movies that have Dolby Atmos and check if the sound quality is clear or not.

Did you guys still face this Netflix Dolby Atmos issue on Apple TV 4K ??? Then follow the below.

Reboot Apple TV:

Rebooting your Apple TV may help to fix this issue. To do that,

  • Go to Settings on your Apple TV.
  • Tap on the System option.
  • Now choose the Restart option.

Apple TV 4K restart option

  • After resetting your Apple TV, play the movies or series again to check if the problem is still occurring.

Update your Apple TV OS:

Updating your TV OS to the latest version may help to solve this bug. For that,

  • Launch Settings on Apple TV.
  • Then tap on the System option.
  • Here select the Software Update, and now check if any update is available.

software update Apple TV 4K

  • If so tap on the Download and Install option.

Contact Customer Support:

  • If you have this problem via Netflix. then contact the Netflix Help Center and report your problem with Netflix Dolby Atmos on Apple TV 4K.
  • Or else, if you have this problem with your soundbar or AV receiver, then contact the manufacturer’s company.
  • If it’s related to Apple TV OS, then we have to wait until Apple fixes this issue.

That’s it. I hope this will help you fix the “Netflix Dolby Atmos issue on Apple TV 4K”. If we know of any other update or solution, we will keep updating this post. So check if you have this bug in the future. If you know of any other solution to this issue, then let me know through the comment section below. It might be useful for others. Thank you, and keep supporting

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