Best NAS for Mac and PC

Today on, we are listing some of the best NAS for Mac and PC.
1.Runner-up: Synology DiskStation DS216+11 (£272.99)
DiskStation DS216+11It contains dual-core Intel Celeron processor and 1 GB of RAM, hot-swappable drive bays, and USB 3.0 ports. The weight of Diskstation is 2.8 pounds.
2.QNAP Turbo NAS TS-251
The reading and writing speed of these NAS is very fast. Like other NAS devices, it contains HDMI port so you easily connect your device to your entertainment setup for the use of home theater. It supports up to 8 GB of memory. TS-251 is an older version and contains regular software updates and has enough power for home users.
This NAS device contains two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports. TS-251’s interface is also called QTS.
USB ports

  1. Easy to use.

Best NAS for Mac
1.TerraMaster F2-220 (£199.95)
This NAS device uses a faux environment within a browser tab for configuration and on-device file management. Use control panel applet to create users and groups and application applet helps to install different features like Dropbox syncing, antivirus and more. If the drives are coming out from this NAS device, it produces noise.
2.Drobo 5N (£479.99)
It is one of the best NAS devices for video editing and design.
3.Netgear ReadyNAS 212  (£259.99)
Netgear ReadyNAS 212
There are three USB ports – two on black and one on the front containing eSATA port at the back. This NAS device contains two gigabit network ports that can be connected to each other to form a single logical interface. ReadyNAS 212 supports the network sharing technologies like SMB, AFTP, NFS, FTP, iTunes, and DLNA.
4.iOSafe 216 (£671) (Currently Not Available)
iOSafe 216
It contains two USB 3 ports on the back of the unit and one USB 2 port on the front. The small power button resides on the front side. This NAS device designed to protect the hard disks it contains from fire and water.

  1. Single use.
  2. One-year data recovery service.
  3. No data loss.
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