My computer will not recognize my iPhone? Here's The Fix!

All the computers in this modern era have the ability to recognize the external devices and connections automatically. Unfortunately, it may annoy you guys by not recognizing your iPhone, iPod and so on. This happens whenever you update your iTunes in your iPhone 6, iPhone 5 or iPad… Here is the real solution for your problem. This article helps you to connect the computer and recognize your iPhone.
Do your iPhone not connected with your computer?
Method 1: Reset and Reconnect

  1. Just press “Home Button + Power Button” at once for 10 sec. This helps to reset your iPhone.
  2. Reconnect it with your computer. Now your PC will definitely recognize your iPhone.

Method 2: Configure your Settings

  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. Select Network Settings -> Manage Networks.
  3. When you see your iPhone over there, just make a click on it and hit Forget button.
  4. Promptly turn On your hotspot which is available in your iPhone.
  5. Now turn On the WiFi in your computer and check for the availability of your device in the network.
  6. Connect your iPhone with it.

Method 3: Connect using Cord

  1. Simply plug the cord with your iPhone.
  2. Now connect it to the computer. If it connects, go to iTunes and allow your iPhone to get synchronize.
  3. When step 2 fails, then re-plug your iPhone with the cord again and repeat step 2.

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Method 4: Connect using USB

  1. Update the new version of iTunes (update using iTunes store / Reinstall it) and latest version software which efficiently works on your Win PC or Mac. iTunes check for updates
  2. Now turn ON your iPhone and connect it to the computer.
  3. If connection fails, unplug all other USB connections except the iPhone device. Try for the recognition. Otherwise use any other genuine Apple’s USB cables
  4. Trust this computer warning will be displayed. Now press Trust button in your iPhone.
  5. When step 2 fails, restart your device as well as the computer.

Repeat each step again and again to solve the Problem. If this issue continues, then try to contact Apple Support
Method 5: Update USB Driver Software (For Windows users)
To manually update the Apple device USB ports, follow the below steps…

  1. Go to the Device Manager window.
  2. Browse your iPhone under the options such as
  • Imaging Devices
  • Other Devices
  • Portable Devices
  • Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

Now right click on your Apple Device –> Update Driver Software and again choose Browse My Computer for Driver Software.

  1. Right click on the Apple device and select “Update USB Driver Software” option.
  2. Go to My computer and choose Driver software –> Have disk option or any other devices like iPhone, iPod or other external devices.
  3. Hit on Next. Now Browse C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleMobile Device SupportDrivers option and click OK to get navigated.
  4. You could see the usbaapl file, just Double-click it.
  5. If your OS is of 64-bit version, then select usbaapl64. Otherwise, Navigate to “C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAppleMobile Device SupportDrivers”.
  6. Select Next and click Finish button to complete the driver installation.
  7. Now your device will be recognized by the PC easily.
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