How to Move/Transfer iPhone Contacts to Gmail

If you want to move/transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail and it’s time to move them. It’s really easy to import your iPhone contacts to the Gmail through Google account. Try the below methods to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail.
Method 1: Transfer iPhone contacts to Google in a few easy steps
Step 1: Install CopyTrans Contacts on your PC.
Step 2: Now, your iPhone contacts will start displaying on your computer screen.
Step 3: On the top, press the “More” button and then select “Cloud setup”.
Step 4: Tap on the “+ New connect” and “Gmail”.
Step 5: Click “Add account”.
Step 6: Quit the Cloud setup window from the CopyTrans Contacts window and starts all the contacts to transfer to Gmail. Press CTRL+A to select all the contacts at the same time.
Step 7: Right-click on the selection and choose “Move to…> Gmail”.
Step 8: Now, your iPhone contacts starts moving to your Gmail account. After that contacts, there is a small Gmail icon.
contacts in gmail account
You can see all the contacts if you log in to your Gmail account.
Method 2: Use iCloud to transfer contacts to Gmail
Step 1: Click on the Settings icon on iPhone.
Step 2: Click on iCloud to enter iCloud settings.
Step 3: Check whether the “Contacts” category is enabled or not. If it is enabled, the iCloud account is always synced with your iPhone.
Step 4: Move to and enter Apple ID credentials and click on the sign-in arrow.
Step 5: Tab on the Contacts icon.
Step 6: Click on Ctrl+A (on a PC) or CMD+A (on a Mac) to select all contacts at the same time.
Step 7: Tab on the Settings gear icon in the bottom left corner.
Step 8: Choose Export vCard.
export vCard
Step 9: Click on the Import contacts and choose the file.
contact imports
Step 10: Choose the file that can be downloaded from iCloud and click Open. Click Import to bring all the contacts into Gmail. Now, all the contacts will start uploading in the Gmail’s address book.
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Method 3: Import your contacts to your Gmail account
contacts file import
To enter Gmail account credentials and enable contact sync,
Go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Add account -> Gmail.
or use single vCard file to export your iPhone contacts to your Computer and then import the contacts to Gmail account.

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