Most Helpful iOS Apps for Students

helpful iOS apps for students

The new generations of students are very lucky to have iOS technology at hand. These devices are essential for effective and productive studying. Today, students can enhance and optimize most learning processes by relying on special educational or organizational apps. So, let’s explore what iOS apps for students are most helpful and why. Here are our top seven choices for you to try.

iStudiez Pro

Students usually have a lot on their plates. They have to deal with lots of classes, homework, extracurricular activities, etc. Managing such unstable schedules by yourself can get really messy very soon. Fortunately, you can rely on iStudiez Pro for digital timetables.

This application helps create a school schedule, track homework and other assignments, divide classes into categories, make teacher lists, and even fill out grades as your progress along the semester.

Overall, the app has all the features necessary for students to stay on top of things. Plus, students can also share or synchronize such calendars with their families or teammates. It is a convenient tool for finding time for collaboration or other activities.


Another great organizational tool, Evernote, will help you take and categorize class notes, collaborate with teammates, save online articles, complete research, and more. Evernote is a great tool for getting all your notes into one digital space. Here, you can quickly write down thoughts and ideas, make to-do lists, map your future assignments, and much more.

Evernote is a great platform for planning and keeping everything organized. You can enjoy several categorization systems, including labels, notebooks, and tags. Plus, you can use a wide range of templates for all kinds of occasions. Lastly, the app synchronizes across your other devices, making it easy to access your notes from anywhere.


A large share of educational materials and overall learning has shifted into the digital realm. It means that students have to deal with large quantities of files on their computers. Eventually, things get messy, and students may even run out of storage space on their devices. Not to mention how inconvenient storing files on a single device can get.

With Dropbox, students can store their files in the cloud and access them from any device at anytime. It also offers collaboration features, allowing users to share and work on documents as a team.


Anyone trying to learn a foreign language must know about Duolingo by now. It is a powerful digital tool for learning languages in a fun and engaging way. Duolingo helps students learn to enjoy the process, showing how easy and not stressful this process can be.

Students can also share a family account, compete with each other and other users, earn bonuses, and enjoy diverse and interactive lessons.


Many generations of students used flashcards to revise their knowledge and prepare for exams. Fortunately, iOS owners can now do so more effectively by using digital flashcards instead of paper. You can fill out your materials and customize flashcards based on your subjects and needs. It is an easy and fast way for revisions.

Meanwhile, the app will also provide data on where you do best or worst, hinting at where to pay more attention. Quizlet also allows you to create educational games and join study groups to learn alongside online users.


Many students struggle to stay focused during their learning routine. It is especially true for large and intimidating projects. Yet, students can find assistance and motivation in Forest – a focus app.

This program will help you avoid distractions on your phone for a specific time period. You only need to set a timer and choose a special tree to grow. Once the time starts, you can’t close or leave the Forest screen. Otherwise, your virtual tree will die.

Not only that, but the Forest creators grow actual trees based on the users’ successes. So, by staying focused, you help replant real-life forests. Thus, the app offers a fun way to improve productivity and time management.

Though, if you still can’t focus on your studies, you can always count on help online. For instance, you can go to and order an essay with just a few clicks. You won’t grow a tree in such a short time, but you will indeed receive a well-written academic paper.


Last but not least, Grammarly is a highly appreciated and valuable service among students. This platform helps students with all kinds of writing, from essays to common texting on their iPhones. Grammarly provides effective editing and proofreading tools that allow students to correct all types of errors, from grammar errors to clarity and writing styles. It is an irreplaceable tool for successful essays and impeccable emails.

Wrapping up

These are only several out of many exciting and practical applications to help enhance your study processes. Use those applications to prevent feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or stressed. These stools will help you stay organized, prepared, and efficient with your time and resources.

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