Safari icon missing from iPhone or iPad? Here’s how to fix it

One of the iPhone users reported that the Safari icon is missing from the Home screen of his Apple iPhone or iPad.
Try the below suggestions to recover the Safari icon.
Solution 1: Check Safari icon between Home screens
Check whether the Safari icon is hidden in between Home screens. Move front and back between screens to find the Safari icon is hidden in a folder.
Solution 2: Reset Home Screen
home screen

If you are not able to find the safari icon you can Reset the home screen. Go “Settings” -> “General” -> “Reset” > “Reset Home Screen Layout”. It can be reset all icons to the default position on the Home screen.
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Solution 3: Check Restrictions

  1. Check whether the Safari icon is set On or not.
  2. Go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions.
  3. Confirm that “Safari” is set to “On”.

Solution 4: Try to Restore
If none of the above solutions didn’t work try to restore it.
Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your Computer using lighting to USB cable and install iTunes.
Step 2: On the left pane under “Devices” select your device.
Step 3: Select-> “Summary”.
Step 4: Select-> “Restore”.
If you knew any other solutions to get Safari back on iPhone and iPad, inform us using comment.

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  1. The downsides to the above methods is one resetting homepage empty's out any folders and rearranges all Icons. I have about 20 folders. Having to return everything to what it was would be a nightmare. Second restoring means you have to reenter all your logins for every app. Also my phone backs up over wifi. It's been a few days that I lost the Icon so my backup will still have the missing icon. And I could go through all of that and it still not work.
    Another option is do a search that gets you into safari. Then find a webpage that you want to access safari such as Google Search. Then add to homepage. That way you start with a search. You can still access your other pages you may have open like normal.

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