Microsoft Word Crashes on OS X Yosemite

Microsoft Office for Mac keeps crashing few minutes after opening the document. Users can’t close the word documents.

Microsoft Word crashes when enable editing, printing, changing font, closing document and when saving.

Fix 1: Exit full screen mode and close document
Sometimes apps work different in full screen mode.Exit full screen and close the document.
Fix 2: Move the preferences file to trash

  1. Navigate to Finder and click “Go” in the menubar.
  2. Press and hold down the Option key and choose “Library”.
  3. Navigate to the Preferences and move the MS Office and Word plists to the trash.
  4. Press and hold down the Shift key and open Word.

Fix 3: Install latest Microsoft update
This issue happened in documents that have ” Track changes” On. Try to open new Word document without track changes.
Then press help -> check for updates.
Or navigate these links and install latest update.Download Link.
Also suggest your own solutions via comment.

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